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2005-03-01Update for 2.3.0fc-2_3_0fc_2-3Keith Packard4-5/+22
2005-03-01Generate and install PDF versions of the manualsKeith Packard8-19/+156
Fix formatting Add missing exported functions, fix data types Add missing pattern elements. Add missing pattern elements. Document conf.d usage, clarify available orthography list. Fix some config file attributes. Complete list of constants. Mark FC_SOURCE deprecated. Don't set FC_SOURCE any longer.
2005-02-28Create prototype /etc/fonts/conf.d directory with a few sampleKeith Packard9-22/+102
configuration files. Deprecate use of local.conf for local customizations in favor of this directory based scheme which is more easily integrated into installation systems. Tag FC_EMBOLDEN as a boolean variable
2005-02-10Free patterns from fonts which are rejected by configuration (bug #2518)Keith Packard2-0/+10
reviewed by:
2005-01-29Update for version 2.2.99fc-2_2_99Keith Packard4-6/+25
2005-01-29Add a few pointersKeith Packard2-0/+8
2005-01-28Polite typechecking for test and edit expressions. Helps catch errors inKeith Packard4-65/+211
the font configuration.
2005-01-16Have --with-expat set EXPAT_CFLAGS (bug 2278)Keith Packard2-1/+17
reviewed by: Keith Packard <>
2005-01-13Add SEE ALSO section (bug 2085)Keith Packard9-10/+108
Cross compiling fixes (bug 280) reviewed by: Keith Packard <>
2005-01-13Update blanks list (Closes bug 86)Keith Packard2-21/+36
2005-01-04Verify that every font pattern loaded from cache has both FC_FILE andKeith Packard2-1/+16
FC_FAMILY entries. Attempt to fix bug #2219.
2004-12-29Update for version 2.2.98fc-2_2_98Keith Packard4-4/+29
2004-12-29Document ASCII limitations of Fc character conversion macrosKeith Packard3-4/+35
Fix off-by-one error in utf-8 case walking code. Add FcStrDowncase (useful for testing case conversion functions)
2004-12-29Add territory databaseKeith Packard5-16217/+2776
Reviewed by: Keith Packard Remove Han characters from Korean orthography
2004-12-29Reorder utility programs to make sure fc-case is run before fc-lang asKeith Packard3-4/+16
fc-lang uses fcstr.c which uses fccase.h Fix broken XML
2004-12-29Adopt some RedHat suggestions for standard font configuration.Keith Packard11-94/+1685
Add new helper program 'fc-case' to construct case folding tables from standard Unicode CaseFolding.txt file Re-implement case insensitive functions with Unicode aware versions (including full case folding mappings)
2004-12-14I changed FcFontSetSort to respect the generic aliases better in the faceKeith Packard2-2/+96
of language matching. What I did was to ammend the strict sort order used by FcFontSort so that it 'satisfies' the language specified in the pattern by locating the best matching font supporting each pattern language and then ignores language in the remaining fonts for purposes of matching. So, when asking for 'sans:lang=en', you'll get an English font first, and then the remaining fonts sorted with respect to the 'sans' alias alone -- pushing Kochi fonts ahead of other English-supporting Han fonts. reviewed by: Owen Taylor <>
2004-12-10Configuration changes to request synthetic emboldening of fonts. The actualKeith Packard3-0/+31
emboldening code will live in Xft. reviewed by: Keith Packard <>
2004-12-09Currently Russian (ru) requires 0406 and 0456 (І and і), but these wereKeith Packard2-2/+18
eliminated in Russian in 1918 in favor of 0418 and 0438 (И and и), and don't even appear in KOI8-R. (The hypothesis that they don't appear in KOI8-R due to their similarity with Latin I and i is eliminated by their presence in KOI8-U.) I have a couple of fonts with Russian support that don't have the letter. Therefore, 0406 and 0456 should be removed from or commented out of ru.orth reviewed by: Keith Packard <>
2004-12-07Reviewed by: Keith Packard <>Keith Packard6-39/+34
memoize strings and share a single copy for all uses. Note that this could be improved further by using statically allocated blocks and gluing multiple strings together, but I'm basically lazy. In my environment with 800 font files, I get a savings of about 90KB.
2004-12-07Change files from ISO-Latin-1 to UTF-8Keith Packard246-354/+603
2004-12-05Update links to new locationsfc-2_2_97Keith Packard3-2/+34
Add uninstall-local to get rid of fonts.conf and local.conf if they match the distributed versions. Fixes 'make distcheck'
2004-12-05Updates for version 2.2.97Keith Packard4-4/+37
2004-12-05Sleep for two seconds before exiting to make sure timestamps for futureKeith Packard3-1/+66
changes have distinct mod times in the file system. Bug #1982. Add Punjabi orthography. Bug #1671. reviewed by: Keith Packard <>
2004-12-05Just remove the FC_FONTDATE -- it has locale issues and annoys redhatKeith Packard3-1/+34
multi-arch installs. Now that all X fonts are included without prejudice, the chances of the date being at all interesting are rather limited. Bug #415. Add copyright and license
2004-12-05Change default set of fonts to include all of /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts (orKeith Packard8-23/+158
wherever the X fonts are located). Document new <include>directory-name</include> semantics add <include ignore_missing="yes">conf.d</include> Add selectfont to ignore bitmap fonts, add comment for selectfont which accepts bitmap fonts. Allow <include> configuration elements to reference directories. Parse and load all files of the form [0-9]* in sorted order.
2004-12-05Report command line for $srcdir/configure accurately. Bug #212.Keith Packard2-2/+8
2004-12-05Check for non-empty face->family_name and face->style_name before usingKeith Packard2-5/+14
those for the font. Empty names match everything. Bug #171.
2004-12-05Create FC_FONTFORMAT from FT_Get_X11_Font_Format function where available.Keith Packard5-1/+27
This provides font file format information (BDF, Type 1, PCF, TrueType) for each font. Closes #109.
2004-12-04Fix typo.Keith Packard5-0/+204
Add detection for font capabilities (bug #105) reviewed by: Keith Packard <>
2004-12-04Move existing fonts.conf to fonts.conf.bakKeith Packard18-289/+1282
Add detection of iconv Document new selectfont elements Switch to UTF-8 in comment Add fullname, and family/style/fullname language entries Respect selectfont/*/glob Add support for selectfont Add multi-lingual family/style/fullname support Expose FcListPatternMatchAny (which selectfont/*/pattern uses) Add new FcPatternRemove/FcPatternAppend. FcObjectStaticName stores computed pattern element names which are required to be static.
2004-09-09Remove spurious / after $(DESTDIR)Keith Packard2-1/+8
reviewed by: keithp
2004-06-30Update for 2.2.96fc-2_2_96Keith Packard4-4/+19
2004-06-30Provided by: Lubos Lunak <>Keith Packard2-2/+16
However FcConfigUptoDate() doesn't seem to work. See the attached patch. First there's an obvious misplaced parenthesis making it return always false, and second, even this call fails to detect font changes (e.g. adding a new font to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/truetype). The patch should fix that as well. The problem seems to be triggered by my fonts.conf specifying only /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts , and therefore config->configDirs doesn't include subdirs, unlike config->fontDirs.
2004-06-03Remove comma at end of FcResult enum definition.Keith Packard2-1/+6
2004-05-29Add steps to md5sum releaseKeith Packard2-1/+9
2004-05-29Add sh to INSTALLfc-2_2_95Keith Packard1-6/+8
2004-05-29Update for 2.2.95Keith Packard4-4/+18
2004-05-29Add FcResultOutOfMemory to provide an accurate error when FcFontSetMatchKeith Packard4-4/+20
fails in this way Make #warning about lacking various FreeType features indicate which version those features appeared so users know how to fix the problem (Thanks to Anton Tropashko)
2004-05-06Replace MIN/MAX/ABS macros which happen to have come from FreeType withKeith Packard2-2/+11
fontconfig-specific ones (FC_*)
2004-04-24Extend release preparation instructions to include notification andKeith Packard2-2/+15
distribution steps
2004-04-24Update to 2.2.94 (2.2.93 shipped with broken libtool bits)fc-2_2_94Keith Packard4-4/+16
2004-04-24Ignore a few more autotool filesKeith Packard2-0/+9
2004-04-14Add instructions for doing a releasefc-2_2_93Keith Packard13-72/+176
clean up .spec file; perhaps this will be useful to somebody... Update to 2.2.93 Make 'scanopen' static so GCC doesn't whine about lacking prototype Add WARN_CFLAGS to pass -W flags for GCC systems Change various char types around to match across function calls. Fixed bug in using available_sizes[i].height which is in pixels, not 64ths of a pixel.
2004-03-06Force FC_FOUNDRY and FC_WIDTH to always be set so that matches looking forKeith Packard2-8/+16
explicit values prefer exact matches
2004-03-02Supplied by: (Mike FABIAN)Keith Packard2-3/+11
Bug #260 fc-cache generates wrong spacing values for bitmap fonts Was using (strcmp (a,b)) instead of (!strcmp(a,b)).
2004-02-22Cast strlen to int for printf, so we're 64-bit clean.Manish Singh2-1/+6
2004-02-11Ok, so I messed up the test for y_ppem. Let's see if I got it right thisKeith Packard3-14/+12
2004-02-10Pre-2.1.5 versions of FreeType didn't include y_ppem in the FT_Bitmap_SizeKeith Packard3-2/+31
record. Add a test for this and change the code accordingly (using height instead).
2004-02-07Add Low Saxon orthography (Kenneth Rohde Christiansen <>)Keith Packard4-12/+85
Oops. Left 'newest.set' unset, which would miscompute the newest file Add FcGetPixelSize to extract correct pixel size from bdf/pcf font properties (which report the wrong value in current FreeType) Don't attempt to check for empty glyphs in non-scalable fonts; they have no outlines...