AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2005-12-21Bump version to 2.3.93.fc-2_3_93Patrick Lam7-21/+103
2005-12-20Restore code to skip over PCF fonts that have no encoded characters. (WePatrick Lam3-3/+19
2005-12-12Read and write the original location as a fallback for the hashed cachePatrick Lam2-9/+39
2005-12-12Improve error message when fc-cache can't write the cache. Add missingPatrick Lam4-2/+18
2005-12-12Fix crash reported by Frederic Crozat when using libxml2.Patrick Lam2-0/+10
2005-12-09Migrate cache files from fonts directories to /var/cache/fontconfig. ThisPatrick Lam9-53/+519
2005-12-08Because we've changed FcPatternAddString to use FcStrStaticName and notPatrick Lam2-0/+13
2005-12-07Fix warnings.Patrick Lam2-6/+8
2005-12-06Don't assign types to user object names.Patrick Lam2-0/+8
2005-12-05Don't free strings that have been returned from FcStrStaticName.Patrick Lam2-2/+24
2005-12-01Add codepath for reading global cache files as well.Patrick Lam2-0/+66
2005-12-01Add config file for Persian fonts from Sharif FarsiWeb, Inc.Patrick Lam3-1/+555
2005-11-30Only add a config file to the set of config files once.Patrick Lam2-0/+13
2005-11-29src/fcint.h (FcCacheBankToIndex);Patrick Lam2-1/+6
2005-11-29Refactor FcCacheBankToIndex into an inlineable part (in fcint.h) whichPatrick Lam4-19/+43
2005-11-29Make the perf guys hate me a bit less: hoist the directory-namePatrick Lam3-4/+13
2005-11-29Don't make FcPatternFindFullFname available to fccfg, it's not really safe.Patrick Lam4-7/+18
2005-11-29Fix segfault.Patrick Lam2-1/+9
2005-11-29Update autogenerated config.* files.Patrick Lam2-288/+314
2005-11-29Fix problem dating back at least to 2.3.2 where globs weren't being appliedPatrick Lam5-12/+28
2005-11-28Stephan Kulow <> reviewed by: plamPatrick Lam2-7/+55
2005-11-28Stephan Kulow <> Michael Matz <> reviewed by: plamPatrick Lam1-65/+159
2005-11-26Fix incorrect merge.Patrick Lam2-3/+10
2005-11-25Don't do random matching when bad objects are passed intoPatrick Lam2-15/+49
2005-11-25Rename fcpatterns, fcpatternelts, fcvaluelists to _fcPatterns,Patrick Lam3-29/+39
2005-11-25Pass the FcObjectPtr to FcCompareValueList, not the char * (perf).Patrick Lam2-25/+17
2005-11-25Pass around FcCache *s to the Unserialize functions for extra consistencyPatrick Lam8-34/+47
2005-11-25Inline the *PtrU functions to gain perf. Remove unneeded params for thePatrick Lam5-67/+60
2005-11-25Fix the debian changelog so that debian/rules works again, make it create aPatrick Lam3-28/+43
2005-11-24Move FC_BANK_DYNAMIC, FC_BANK_FIRST to internal header.Patrick Lam5-25/+38
2005-11-24Make FcCompareString and FcCompareFamily less expensive. Only add a valuePatrick Lam3-8/+34
2005-11-24Inline FcDebug invocations and only initialize once, in FcInit*. ImprovePatrick Lam4-20/+31
2005-11-23Properly apply fcrozat's patch.Patrick Lam1-1/+1
2005-11-232005-11-23 Frederic Crozat <>: reviewed by: plamPatrick Lam3-2/+9
2005-11-232005-11-23 Frederic Crozat <>: reviewed by: plamPatrick Lam2-1/+8
2005-11-22Manually perform inlining & partial redundancy elimination to reduce callsPatrick Lam3-14/+27
2005-11-19Get rid of the use of freetype internal headers in fcfreetype.c, sincePatrick Lam1-0/+2
2005-11-19Get rid of the use of freetype internal headers in fcfreetype.c, sincePatrick Lam2-0/+508
2005-11-19Get rid of the use of freetype internal headers in fcfreetype.c, sincePatrick Lam3-41/+51
2005-11-19Further fix of patch from 2005-11-04: miscounted numbers countPatrick Lam2-8/+25
2005-11-18Don't crash when fc-cat invoked with no arguments.Patrick Lam3-5/+25
2005-11-18List iteration not needed in FcConfigValues, since it's building up thePatrick Lam2-11/+15
2005-11-17Fix crash on invalid constants in config files (forgot to update a pointerPatrick Lam2-0/+7
2005-11-17Complain about invalid constants in config files.Patrick Lam2-0/+11
2005-11-17Don't add current_arch_start more than once.Patrick Lam6-8/+39
2005-11-16src/fccache.c (FcDirCacheProduce)Patrick Lam2-4/+18
2005-11-16Add *NeededBytesAlign(), which overestimates the padding which is laterPatrick Lam8-8/+127
2005-11-04Fix bug 2878 (excessive relocations at startup for charsets, reported byPatrick Lam5-17/+92
2005-11-04Add test for validity of directory caches that somehow got lost (reportedfc-2_3_92Patrick Lam2-1/+7
2005-11-04Bump version to 2.3.92.Patrick Lam4-4/+37