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Font configuration and customization library
- Version 2.3.97
- 2006-09-06
+ Version 2.4.0
+ 2006-09-09
Check INSTALL for compilation and installation instructions.
Report bugs to in the fontconfig module.
+David Turner:
+ Replace character discovery loop with simpler, faster version.
+James Cloos:
+ Move files from conf.d to conf.avail
+ Standardize conf.avail number prefixing convention
+ Support all five possibilities for sub-pixel
+ Move user and local conf file loading into conf.avail files
+ Number the remaining conf.avail files
+ Update to match conf.avail changes
+ Replace load of conf.d in
+ Make room for chunks from fonts.conf in conf.avail
+ Re-order old conf.d files
+ Move some section from fonts.conf into conf.avail files
+ Update files
+ Make conf.avail and conf.d work
+Keith Packard:
+ Create fc_cachedir at install time. Bug 8157.
+ Reference patterns in FcCacheCopySet.
+ Replace gnu-specific sed command with simple grep.
+ Attempt to fix makealias usage for build on Mac OS X.
+ Accept locale environment variables that do not contain territory.
+ Merge branch 'jhcloos'
+ Insert newly created caches into reference data structure.
+ Add XML headers to new conf files. Move link make commands to conf.avail dir
+ Rename conf.avail to conf.d
+ Fix conf.d directory sorting.
+ Include cachedir in fonts.dtd.
+ Don't display tests for DESTDIR on make install.
+ Split much of the configuration into separate files. Renumber files
Carl Worth: