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Font configuration and customization library
- Version 2.12.6
- 2017-09-21
+ Version 2.12.91 (2.13 RC1)
+ 2017-12-14
Check INSTALL for compilation and installation instructions.
Report bugs to in the fontconfig module.
+2.12.91 (2.13 RC1)
+Akira TAGOH (37):
+ und_zsye.orth: polish to get for NotoEmoji-Regular.ttf
+ Revert "Keep the same behavior to the return value of FcConfigParseAndLoad"
+ Fix again to keep the same behavior to the return value of FcConfigParseAndLoad
+ cleanup
+ Fix a compiler warning
+ Update libtool revision
+ Bump version to 2.12.6
+ doc: trivial update
+ Add the ruleset description support
+ workaround to avoid modifying by gettextize
+ missing an open parenthesis
+ another workaround to avoid modifying by gettextize...
+ Validate cache more carefully
+ Allow autoreconf through autopoint for gettext things
+ Correct debugging messages to load/scan config
+ Use uuid-based cache filename if uuid is assigned to dirs
+ Add new API to find out a font from current search path
+ Replace the font path in FcPattern to what it is actually located.
+ Replace the original path to the new one
+ Replace the path of subdirs in caches as well
+ Don't call FcStat when the alias has already been added
+ Destroy the alias and UUID tables when all of caches is unloaded
+ cleanup
+ abstract hash table functions
+ update
+ Fix memory leak
+ Fix a typo
+ Don't call FcStat when the alias has already been added
+ Add a testcase for bind-mounted cachedir
+ cleanup
+ Use smaller prime for hash size
+ Fix the testcase for env not enabled PCF_CONFIG_OPTION_LONG_FAMILY_NAMES in freetype
+ thread-safe functions in fchash.c
+ Fix distcheck error
+ Fix "make check" fail again
+ Bump the libtool revision
+Alban Browaeys (1):
+ Fixes cleanup
+Alexander Kanavin (1):
+ src/fcxml.c: avoid double free() of filename
+Bastien Nocera (1):
+ conf: Prefer system emoji fonts to third-party ones
+Behdad Esfahbod (76):
+ Minor
+ Remove stray printf()
+ [fc-query] Fix linking order
+ Instead of loading glyphs (with FreeType), just check loca table
+ Don't even check loca for glyph outline detection
+ Check for non-empty outline for U+0000..U+001F
+ Add back code for choosing strike, and cleanup
+ Minor: adjust debug output
+ Remove unnecessary check
+ Remove a few unused blanks parameters
+ Remove check that cannot fail
+ Remove use of psnames for charset construction
+ Remove unused variable
+ Remove fc-glyphname
+ Remove blanks facility from the library
+ Remove blanks support from fc-scan
+ Mark more parameters FC_UNUSED
+ Move variables to narrower scope and indent
+ Remove unneeded check
+ Use multiplication instead of division
+ Use inline functions instead of macros for a couple of things
+ Simplify advance-width calculations
+ Inline FcFreeTypeCheckGlyph()
+ Call FT_Get_Advance() only as long as we need to determine font width type
+ Minor
+ Update documentation for removal of blanks
+ Merge branch 'faster'
+ Add FcFreeTypeQueryAll()
+ Document FcFreeTypeQueryAll()
+ Accept NULL in for spacing in FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing()
+ Remove FcCompareSize()
+ Rename FcCompareSizeRange() to FcCompareRange()
+ Rewrite FcCompareRange()
+ In FcSubstituteDefault(), handle size range
+ Check instance-index before accessing array
+ Indent
+ [varfonts] Add FC_FONT_VARIATIONS
+ [varfonts] Add FC_VARIABLE
+ [varfonts] Change id argument in FcFreeTypeQuery* to unsigned int
+ Print ranges as closed as opposed to half-open
+ [varfonts] Change FC_WEIGHT and FC_WIDTH into ranges
+ [varfonts] Query varfonts if id >> 16 == 0x8000
+ Fix instance-num handling in collections
+ [varfonts] Query variable font in FcFreeTypeQueryAll()
+ [varfonts] Fetch optical-size for named instances
+ In RenderPrepare(), handle ranges smartly
+ [fc-query] Remove --ignore-blanks / -b
+ [fc-match/fc-list/fc-query/fc-scan] Add --brief that is like --verbose without charset
+ Add separate match compare function for size
+ Fix range comparision operators implementation
+ Adjust emboldening logic
+ [varfonts] Map from OpenType to Fontconfig weight values
+ Add FcDontCare value to FcBool
+ Implement more config bool operations for boolean types
+ Fix possible div-by-zero
+ [varfonts] Use fvar data even if there's no variation in it
+ Minor
+ Revert "[varfonts] Use fvar data even if there's no variation in it"
+ [varfonts] Minor
+ [varfonts] Comment
+ [varfonts] Don't set style for variable-font pattern
+ [varfonts] Skip named-instance that is equivalent to base font
+ [varfonts] Do not set postscriptname for varfont pattern
+ [varfonts] Don't reopen face for each named instance
+ Separate charset and spacing code
+ [varfonts] Reuse charset for named instances
+ Move whitespace-trimming code to apply to all name-table strings
+ Fix whitespace-trimming loop and empty strings...
+ Whitespace
+ Don't convert nameds to UTF-8 unless we are going to use them
+ Simplify name-table platform mathcing logic
+ Use binary-search for finding name table entries
+ [varfonts] Share lang across named-instances
+ Merge branch 'varfonts2'
+ Require freetype >= 2.8.1
+ Remove assert
+David Kaspar [Dee'Kej] (1):
+ conf.d: Drop aliases for (URW)++ fonts
+Florian Müllner (1):
+ build: Remove references to deleted file
Akira TAGOH (4):
diff --git a/ b/
index 6bb8b6a..874d827 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ dnl This is the package version number, not the shared library
dnl version. This same version number must appear in fontconfig/fontconfig.h
dnl Yes, it is a pain to synchronize version numbers. Unfortunately, it's
dnl not possible to extract the version number here from fontconfig.h
-AC_INIT([fontconfig], [2.12.6], [])
+AC_INIT([fontconfig], [2.12.91], [])
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.11 parallel-tests dist-bzip2])
diff --git a/fontconfig/fontconfig.h b/fontconfig/fontconfig.h
index 6ceabc3..89f3bae 100644
--- a/fontconfig/fontconfig.h
+++ b/fontconfig/fontconfig.h
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ typedef int FcBool;
#define FC_MAJOR 2
#define FC_MINOR 12
-#define FC_REVISION 6
+#define FC_REVISION 91
#define FC_VERSION ((FC_MAJOR * 10000) + (FC_MINOR * 100) + (FC_REVISION))