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Update to reflect configuration changesfc-2_3_1-2
Fix Autohint vs Autohinter mistake Adopt changes from Josselin Mouette for configuration descriptions Update debian to version 2.3.1-2
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+2005-03-10 Keith Packard <>
+ * debian/README.Debian:
+ Update to reflect configuration changes
+ * debian/changelog:
+ * debian/fontconfig.postinst:
+ Fix Autohint vs Autohinter mistake
+ * debian/fontconfig.templates:
+ Adopt changes from Josselin Mouette for configuration descriptions
+ Update debian to version 2.3.1-2
2005-03-08 Keith Packard <>
* debian/changelog:
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@@ -1,14 +1,11 @@
Recently, fontconfig changed to not include bitmapped fonts in the
-default font path. There is now a Debconf question about this.
+default font set. There is now a Debconf question about this.
-If you wish to enable bitmapped fonts manually, please edit
-/etc/fonts/local.conf, and uncomment the portion with:
-in between the <fontconfig> and </fontconfig>.
+If you wish to enable bitmapped fonts manually, either reconfigure this
+package (with dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig), or remove the
+symbolic link /etc/fonts/conf.d/30-debconf-no-bitmaps.conf
@@ -38,7 +35,11 @@ accessible to these applications. This is now also true for fonts added
using defoma.
These programs can all benefit from antialiasing, autohinting and
sub-pixel rendering. You can configure it through fontconfig, using
-debconf (dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig), or by editing
-/etc/fonts/local.conf by hand.
+debconf (dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig), or by changing
+links in /etc/fonts/conf.d by hand.
+Original text by:
-- Josselin Mouette <> Wed, 8 Oct 2003 21:51:35 +0200
+Changes for fontconfig 2.3 packages by:
+ -- Keith Packard <> Thu, 10 Mar 2005 13:29:11 -0800
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+fontconfig (2.3.1-2) unstable; urgency=low
+ * Change priority of fontconfig-udeb package to extra
+ * Fixed incorrect hinting_type case in postinst script (closes: #298817)
+ * Replaced Descriptions in fontconfig.templates with shorter
+ versions (Thanks to Josselin Mouette)
+ * Change README.Debian to match new configuration mechanism.
+ -- Keith Packard <> Thu, 10 Mar 2005 13:29:11 -0800
fontconfig (2.3.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
* Move from experimental to unstable
diff --git a/debian/fontconfig.postinst b/debian/fontconfig.postinst
index 34f9176..900a71b 100755
--- a/debian/fontconfig.postinst
+++ b/debian/fontconfig.postinst
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ fi
case "$hinting_type" in
ln -s $CONFDIR/$autohint $CONFDIR/$hint_prio$autohint
diff --git a/debian/fontconfig.templates b/debian/fontconfig.templates
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--- a/debian/fontconfig.templates
+++ b/debian/fontconfig.templates
@@ -2,42 +2,19 @@ Template: fontconfig/hinting_type
Type: select
_Choices: Native, Autohinter, None
Default: Native
-_Description: With what method should fonts be hinted?
- The FreeType font library can adjust glyph outlines to accomodate the pixel
- grid for improved legibility. This process is called "hinting".
- FreeType can either use the hints built-in to each font or it can use a
- format-indepedent Autohinter. For most font formats, using the
- format-specific hints generates better results. However, many
- freely available TrueType format fonts don't include any hints at all.
- When loading such a font, unless you specifically ask to use the
- Autohinter, these fonts will end up unhinted, which will make them appear
- fuzzy on the screen.
- .
- If the TrueType fonts you use most include hints, then the Native hinter
- gives better results. However, if the fonts you use most do not include
- such hints, then the Autohinter will work better. Yes, FreeType should do
- this automatically.
- .
- You can also select None to disable all hinting, causing all text
- to look fuzzy on even the sharpest monitors.
- .
+_Description: How should fonts be tuned for the screen?
+ Select Native if you mostly use Bitstream Vera (the default in Debian) or
+ any of the Microsoft fonts. Select Autohinter if you mostly use other
+ TrueType fonts. Select None if you want blurry text.
Template: fontconfig/subpixel_rendering
Type: select
_Choices: Automatic, Always, Never
Default: Automatic
-_Description: Should fonts be rendered using sub-pixel elements?
- With known sub-pixel geometry, LCD screens can synthesize higher resolution
- in one dimension. Taking advantage of this when rendering glyphs sharpens
- the appearance of text on the screen. This can cause color artifacts,
- especially when rendering unhinted or autohinted fonts.
- .
- This option selects when sub-pixel rendering should be used. Automatic
- enables sub-pixel rendering whenever the X server detects an LCD monitor,
- which it can generally do when the monitor is built into the computer or
- connected with a digital (DVI) cable. Always forces the system to use
- sub-pixel rendering while Never forces the system to not use sub-pixel
- rendering.
+_Description: Enable subpixel rendering of text?
+ Rendering text at a subpixel level generally makes it look a bit better
+ on flat (LCD) screens, but can show color artifacts on CRT screens. The
+ "Automatic" choice will enable it only if a LCD screen is detected.
Template: fontconfig/enable_bitmaps
Type: boolean