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+<h1>XMP.incl_cpp File Reference</h1>Overall client glue file for the XMP toolkit. <a href="#_details">More...</a>
+<code>#include &quot;XMP.hpp&quot;</code><br>
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+<hr><a name="_details"></a><h2>Detailed Description</h2>
+Overall client glue file for the XMP toolkit.
+This is an overall client source file of XMP toolkit glue, the only XMP-specific one that clients should build in projects. This ensures that all of the client-side glue code for the XMP toolkit gets compiled.<p>
+You cannot compile this file directly, because the template's string type must be declared and only the client can do that. Instead, include this in some other source file. For example, to use <code>std::string</code> you only need these two lines:<p>
+<div class="fragment"><pre class="fragment"><span class="preprocessor"> #include &lt;string&gt;</span>
+<span class="preprocessor"> #include "<a class="code" href="XMP_8incl__cpp.html" title="Overall client glue file for the XMP toolkit.">XMP.incl_cpp</a>"</span>
+</pre></div> </div>
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