AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
33 hourstests/kms_big_fb: Use igt_has_drm_cap()HEADmasterVille Syrjälä1-6/+1
33 hourstests/kms_big_fb: Use igt_plane_has_rotation()Ville Syrjälä1-8/+1
33 hourstests/kms_plane_scaling: Use igt_plane_has_rotation()Ville Syrjälä1-4/+1
33 hourstests/kms_rotation_crc: Use igt_plane_has_rotation()Ville Syrjälä1-20/+12
33 hourslib/kms: Add igt_plane_has_rotation()Ville Syrjälä2-0/+57
2 daystests/kms_cursor_legacy: Fix CRC mismatch for flip-vs-cursor-busy-crc-*Vidya Srinivas1-0/+1
3 daystests/kms_prime: Create the exporting BO with smemRamalingam C1-12/+21
6 daystests/kms_color: Run each subtest only for a single connectorVille Syrjälä1-320/+320
6 daystests/kms_color: Pass pipe to invalid LUT size testsVille Syrjälä3-39/+58
6 daystests/kms_color: Store r/g/b separately for LUT color testsVille Syrjälä2-11/+20
6 daystests/kms_color: Refactor invalid LUT size testsVille Syrjälä1-55/+26
6 daystests/kms_color_chamelium: Remove invalid LUT size testsVille Syrjälä1-11/+0
7 daystests/kms: Move Intel specific kms tests to i915 directoryBhanuprakash Modem28-42/+46
7 daystests/kms_color_chamelium: Skip CTM test if property is not presentBhanuprakash Modem1-0/+2
9 daystests/kms_addfb_basic: Skip basic-y-tiled-legacy on discreteAshutosh Dixit1-0/+1
9 daysi915/gem_render_copy: Add support for local memoryApoorva Singh1-19/+42
9 dayslib/intel_bufops: Add intel_buf_init_in_regionApoorva Singh2-5/+28
9 daysintel-ci: Block msm testsPetri Latvala1-0/+4
9 daystests/amdgpu: Add tests for Freesync capability with suspend-resumeStylon Wang1-8/+42
9 daystests/amdgpu: Add tests for relaxed reporting of Freesync capabilityStylon Wang1-0/+43
9 daystests/amdgpu: Add tests for Freesync capability reporting on HDMI & DP displaysStylon Wang2-0/+266
10 daystests/amdgpu: Add tests that check for memory leaksStylon Wang2-0/+237
10 daystests/kms_ccs: Test bad params for all CCS planesImre Deak1-69/+114
10 daystests/kms_ccs: Fix small aux stride subtestImre Deak1-1/+1
10 daystests/kms_ccs: Use test pattern when possibleImre Deak1-4/+11
10 daystests/kms_ccs: Make sure to free GEM and FB objectsImre Deak1-12/+15
14 daysmsm: Add submit ioctl testsRob Clark2-0/+195
14 daysmsm: Add helper libraryRob Clark4-0/+355
14 daysdrmtest: Add DRIVER_MSM supportRob Clark2-0/+4
2021-09-08tests/kms_psr: Add drmModeDirtyFB() calls to handle frontbuffer rendering testsJosé Roberto de Souza1-0/+25
2021-09-08test/kms_frontbuffer_tracking: Fix multidraw testJosé Roberto de Souza1-0/+12
2021-09-08tests/kms_psr2_su: Set the damaged clip in page flipsJosé Roberto de Souza1-0/+6
2021-09-08tests/kms_cursor_legacy: Handle cursor movements as slow patch for display 9+José Roberto de Souza1-10/+14
2021-09-08tests/kms_addfb_basic: Skip tiling subtests on device without hw tilingVanshidhar Konda1-0/+6
2021-09-08test/gem_exec_suspend: Enable the test for discrete GPUsThomas Hellström1-2/+16
2021-09-07i915/i915_fb_tiling: Check if device supports tilingVanshidhar Konda1-0/+2
2021-09-07tests/kms_plane_alpha_blend: Fix rounding in draw_squaresVidya Srinivas1-1/+1
2021-09-07Revert "tests/kms_plane_alpha_blend: Align width to 256B"Vidya Srinivas1-1/+0
2021-09-02i915_drm.h syncTejas Upadhyay2-83/+369
2021-09-01tests/kms_addfb_basic: Test addfb2 with DRM_FORMAT_C8 only if supported.Mark Yacoub1-5/+10
2021-09-01tests/kms_atomic: igt_require_pipe_crc for plane_immutable_zposMark Yacoub1-0/+1
2021-09-01lib/i915: Use FIXED mapping only for discrete memoryTejas Upadhyay1-1/+19
2021-08-31test/kms_atomic: Skip plane overlay test for amdgpuRodrigo Siqueira1-0/+7
2021-08-31tests/kms_atomic: Initialize array values before checking themRodrigo Siqueira1-0/+2
2021-08-31tests/kms_concurrent: Making the test more genericRodrigo Siqueira1-13/+14
2021-08-31tests/kms_atomic_transition: Enable Primary Plane on Enabling CRTCMark Yacoub1-3/+3
2021-08-30tests/i915/gem_exec_schedule: Resolve missing context for independent subtestArjun Melkaveri1-0/+1
2021-08-30tests/kms_setmode: Handle unsupported modes for invalid crtc testTejas Upadhyay1-3/+0
2021-08-29tests/kms_atomic_interruptible: fix a warning message on AMD GPUTianci.Yin1-1/+0
2021-08-29tests/amdgpu: Add suspend and DPMS subtests to ASSR testStylon Wang1-4/+38