AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
7 hourstests/intel/xe_exec_reset: Fix cm-gt-resetHEADmasterBrian Welty1-5/+16
7 hourslib/xe_ioctl: Add __xe_wait_ufence()Brian Welty2-6/+48
11 hoursscripts/ better identify planned testsMauro Carvalho Chehab1-17/+38
12 hoursrunner/resultgen: Fix subtest runtimesPiotr Kira1-0/+7
12 hourslib/drmtest: make ALIGN work with uint64_t valuesMarcin Bernatowicz1-1/+2
15 hourslib/igt_core: initialize srandom seed on startupLukasz Laguna1-0/+1
15 hourslib/xe/xe_query: add media GT presence checkerLukasz Laguna2-0/+21
35 hoursRevert "test/xe_spin_batch: Add spin-fixed-duration-with-preempter"Nirmoy Das1-122/+4
38 hourstest/xe_spin_batch: Add spin-fixed-duration-with-preempterNirmoy Das1-4/+122
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Kill exec_queue_set_propertyFrancois Dugast1-35/+13
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Remove unused extension definitionFrancois Dugast1-1/+0
41 hourstests/intel/xe: Adjust to KMD uAPI changes for long-running VMsThomas Hellström9-10/+32
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Move xe_exec after xe_exec_queueFrancois Dugast1-6/+6
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Fix various struct padding for 64b alignmentFrancois Dugast1-9/+12
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Add Tile ID information to the GT info queryFrancois Dugast1-0/+2
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Crystal Reference Clock updatesFrancois Dugast3-16/+32
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Kill tile_maskFrancois Dugast2-8/+1
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Split xe_sync types from flagsFrancois Dugast25-87/+96
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Align on a common way to return arrays (engines)Francois Dugast8-57/+66
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Align on a common way to return arrays (gt)Francois Dugast1-3/+3
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Align on a common way to return arrays (memory regions)Francois Dugast9-56/+56
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Reject bo creation of unaligned sizeFrancois Dugast4-28/+52
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Make DRM_XE_DEVICE_QUERY_ENGINES future proofRodrigo Vivi10-29/+55
41 hoursxe: s/hw_engine/engineRodrigo Vivi25-161/+161
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Separate bo_create placement from flagsRodrigo Vivi43-187/+181
41 hoursxe_query: Kill visible_vram_if_possibleRodrigo Vivi22-79/+114
41 hoursxe_query: Add missing includeRodrigo Vivi1-0/+2
41 hoursxe_ioctl: Rename *xe_bo_create_flags to simply xe_bo_createRodrigo Vivi39-180/+179
41 hoursxe_ioctl: Converge bo_create to the most used versionRodrigo Vivi5-18/+7
41 hoursdrm-uapi/xe: Extend drm_xe_vm_bind_opFrancois Dugast1-0/+3
42 hourstests/intel/kms_pm_dc: Add LNL platform for dc9-dpms validationMohammed Thasleem1-2/+2
42 hourslib/intel_chipset: Add AT_LEAST_DISPLAY for display version compareMohammed Thasleem1-0/+1
42 hourstests/kms: fix buckets and mega featuresSwati Sharma12-84/+63
42 hourstests/intel/kms_psr2_sf: Add FBC support to PSR2 testsJeevan B1-271/+338
42 hourstests/intel/kms_psr: Add FBC support to PSR/PSR2/PR testsJeevan B2-104/+222
42 hourstests/intel/kms_psr: fix subtest namingJeevan B1-36/+36
42 hourstests/intel/kms_psr: fix documentationSwati Sharma1-141/+74
2 dayslib/amdgpu: add GFX1150 chips for IGT testsJesse Zhang3-0/+8
2 daystests/xe_compute: Update documentation regarding test requirementsJanga Rahul Kumar1-1/+1
2 dayslib/intel_compute: Add XE2 compute implementationJanga Rahul Kumar1-0/+207
2 dayslib/intel_compute_square_kernels: Add xe2lpg compute sqaure kernelJanga Rahul Kumar1-0/+36
2 dayslib/intel_compute: Rename compute state addressesJanga Rahul Kumar1-14/+14
3 daystests/kms_atomic: skip mutable zpos test on non-mutable planesMelissa Wen3-4/+34
3 daystests/intel/xe_pat: add sanity check for NULL mappingsMatthew Auld1-0/+24
6 daystests/intel-ci/xe: Add unsupported tests to XE blocklistBhanuprakash Modem1-0/+3
6 daystests/intel-ci/xe: Drop unsupported tests from XE BATBhanuprakash Modem1-3/+0
6 daystests/kms_addfb_basic: Fix testplan documentation for tiled testsBhanuprakash Modem1-7/+6
6 daystests/kms_writeback: fix kms_writeback failure for XRGB8888 only devicesAbhinav Kumar1-1/+1
7 daysscripts/ rewrite intelci testlist logicMauro Carvalho Chehab1-84/+101
7 daysscripts/ add a logic to generate Intel CI testlistsMauro Carvalho Chehab1-2/+190