tag namedrm-next-2022-06-03-1 (f104b5ce0a437de87feaa44506d2f5bd0b36e7ac)
tag date2022-06-03 13:20:52 +1000
tagged byDave Airlie <>
tagged objectcommit 404204340c...
drm next for 5.19-rc1 (part 2/fixes)
msm: - Limiting WB modes to max sspp linewidth - Fixing the supported rotations to add 180 back for IGT - Fix to handle pm_runtime_get_sync() errors to avoid unclocked access in the bind() path for dpu driver - Fix the irq_free() without request issue which was a big-time hitter in the CI-runs. amdgpu: - Update fdinfo to the common drm format - uapi: Add VM_NOALLOC GPUVM attribute to prevent buffers for going into the MALL Add AMDGPU_GEM_CREATE_DISCARDABLE flag to create buffers that can be discarded on eviction Mesa code which uses these: - Link training fixes - DPIA fixes - Misc code cleanups - Aux fixes - Hotplug fixes - More FP clean up - Misc GFX9/10 fixes - Fix a possible memory leak in SMU shutdown - SMU 13 updates - RAS fixes - TMZ fixes - GC 11 updates - SMU 11 metrics fixes - Fix coverage blend mode for overlay plane - Note DDR vs LPDDR memory - Fuzz fix for CS IOCTL - Add new PCI DID amdkfd: - Clean up hive setup - Misc fixes tegra: - add some prelim 5.20 work to avoid inter-tree mess -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEEKbZHaGwW9KfbeusDHTzWXnEhr4FAmKZfhwACgkQDHTzWXnE hr5v1A/+KLUDtz1vB/JGHYnqJYeGicSs48Pe2OtSW2YX6rI2IwaQBnYjXtm8J8NF 47Lw35KjzYLS9NRst9/+zhcyij6s573dibWVTi9NG5O0vYMoww6EvD7ORqPAv1JP WNl1ek9DmkorEtcjJWwWDpMUP34WrN1qCHRT1p6nkcIJ28pp+x4fwt3cPi3fmEmk hH5/pjwymvaWX9m/HBRi/esone/uLVVIDThX769spyY7c1jKG3BKO0/hGrvY/qHs 0QRIG4eroB2b6KEzg6gO4a8NX7PHamBtImT9Nqw+o8pBzYhuez39ITM5sMkCrChj kvCpF+YXwUWyr+4SbkKLGHZqerpgz219kHOh1Z7VOwCSQomIljkmdoKHUJ50QMKk pNzF/U7ng1zgPhTJVj/o3wymeE9y1X0W3p/yLXS1jXt+Nl4AjsBWSZLd0Nn+HKck ZpqwhIfH5vuFjpN+u2F3pVaRCjNM2UXavS6CD1thIOXDQ4gQ+p2rndHL/yWIyVFb HXkQu0PBSKzF6ys4ikvXxsT7xM0EJEa680dEjJuMhhC5LgDzw3A5jLdSfhIr2nal Z+CWW1NKukAarI2rPOUotO8GYsY3bMF3o/02wFRAmDwPwXUWvy/mULv8vSl63ocH 6B/YOitiGKz6tpOqRwBgjkFCTebMwKc7Mbt2JVZKiG73BMKHcFQ= =IC8q -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----