tag namedrm-next-2022-03-24 (e868bffb4164302d3ce50663b607801ede213277)
tag date2022-03-24 12:22:44 +1000
tagged byDave Airlie <>
tagged objectcommit c6e90a1c66...
drm for 5.18-rc1
dma-buf: - rename dma-buf-map to iosys-map core: - move buddy allocator to core - add pci/platform init macros - improve EDID parser deep color handling - EDID timing type 7 support - add GPD Win Max quirk - add yes/no helpers to string_helpers - flatten syncobj chains - add nomodeset support to lots of drivers - improve fb-helper clipping support - add default property value interface fbdev: - improve fbdev ops speed ttm: - add a backpointer from ttm bo->ttm resource dp: - move displayport headers - add a dp helper module bridge: - anx7625 atomic support, HDCP support panel: - split out panel-lvds and lvds bindings - find panels in OF subnodes privacy: - add chromeos privacy screen support fb: - hot unplug fw fb on forced removal simpledrm: - request region instead of marking ioresource busy - add panel oreintation property udmabuf: - fix oops with 0 pages amdgpu: - power management code cleanup - Enable freesync video mode by default - RAS code cleanup - Improve VRAM access for debug using SDMA - SR-IOV rework special register access and fixes - profiling power state request ioctl - expose IP discovery via sysfs - Cyan skillfish updates - GC 10.3.7, SDMA 5.2.7, DCN 3.1.6 updates - expose benchmark tests via debugfs - add module param to disable XGMI for testing - GPU reset debugfs register dumping support amdkfd: - CRIU support - SDMA queue fixes radeon: - UVD suspend fix - iMac backlight fix i915: - minimal parallel submission for execlists - DG2-G12 subplatform added - DG2 programming workarounds - DG2 accelerated migration support - flat CCS and CCS engine support for XeHP - initial small BAR support - drop fake LMEM support - ADL-N PCH support - bigjoiner updates - introduce VMA resources and async unbinding - register definitions cleanups - multi-FBC refactoring - DG1 OPROM over SPI support - ADL-N platform enabling - opregion mailbox #5 support - DP MST ESI improvements - drm device based logging - async flip optimisation for DG2 - CPU arch abstraction fixes - improve GuC ADS init to work on aarch64 - tweak TTM LRU priority hint - GuC 69.0.3 support - remove short term execbuf pins nouveau: - higher DP/eDP bitrates - backlight fixes msm: - dpu + dp support for sc8180x - dp support for sm8350 - dpu + dsi support for qcm2290 - 10nm dsi phy tuning support - bridge support for dp encoder - gpu support for additional 7c3 SKUs ingenic: - HDMI support for JZ4780 - aux channel EDID support ast: - AST2600 support - add wide screen support - create DP/DVI connectors omapdrm: - fix implicit dma_buf fencing vc4: - add CSC + full range support - better display firmware handoff panfrost: - add initial dual-core GPU support stm: - new revision support - fb handover support mediatek: - transfer display binding document to yaml format. - add mt8195 display device binding. - allow commands to be sent during video mode. - add wait_for_event for crtc disable by cmdq. tegra: - YUV format support rcar-du: - LVDS support for M3-W+ (R8A77961) exynos: - BGR pixel format for FIMD device -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEEKbZHaGwW9KfbeusDHTzWXnEhr4FAmI71h4ACgkQDHTzWXnE hr6wKg//SvKFiEOhptua8Ao8XYkhXpg1/tgdAs4D7bZ0YgJyF4Im0RuFOKMmF3mN 0Y8AwguqrsmrOAFbK8B1WEysB66DmGlZN/V2Q75X7fui8xs4uGF2Fcxyr+265zhf vONPwAoxYr+KXqwOI1p1BP2QEL6bJTdu+nrXRsXIBIrWnw8ehXJlw3fDhgvG5QBn RPdbU7lQnd47hdYxkbe5SiZvWnPC46dJmpqsRJir0xjskR6juU36f34C4IKhTGwO NDPeWVgusVXtIC/F4X6RebCWG0f66h+CUFa9zeYIleI/2/5yZWXfcw6Obx8HgPkt gieiI0R4TpkVxeHCApCQ5UpxWgfSOXdoDoyw172bKQw7JCHVEkSwenyMEEwNet6r SCJrRmlB1PBI/iTWmhm9qgrU46ZZyAnQoTlCsXGzJncdP3hzGlA1embl00yfEl7f wzM35N20qd5T4VKUEF8QYF0fLZYmKw4cWVASu4hQ3qmGal6frilphz2J8JK8hQNq KhFqNbVTnZsQNr9LBCbrf0kOPaMzpmW+2vQG9ApdAb1N3gNPZT7ctti0Xq5N2OUR AipWFAsDPS2NPADKmBtDU55PgFH9MqUIsoHHXLV4Qi76dvCqYoN68qRQxrL7rpSu b0gr0YKU2QcIB/uytjOPHcgtI5Xvrh+q8JPz/dJ38/Esgjmk4wo= =uRsT -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----