tag namedrm-next-2022-01-07 (b8b4e594954eda17df2f78ba187fa84a9797ae78)
tag date2022-01-07 15:59:43 +1000
tagged byDave Airlie <>
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drm for 5.17-rc1
core: - add privacy screen support - move nomodeset option into drm subsystem - clean up nomodeset handling in drivers - make drm_irq.c legacy - fix stack_depot name conflicts - remove DMA_BUF_SET_NAME ioctl restrictions - sysfs: send hotplug event - replace several DRM_* logging macros with drm_* - move hashtable to legacy code - add error return from gem_create_object - cma-helper: improve interfaces, drop CONFIG_DRM_KMS_CMA_HELPER - kernel.h related include cleanups - support XRGB2101010 source buffers ttm: - don't include drm hashtable - stop pruning fences after wait - documentation updates dma-buf: - add dma_resv selftest - add debugfs helpers - remove dma_resv_get_excl_unlocked - documentation - make fences mandatory in dma_resv_add_excl_fence dp: - add link training delay helpers gem: - link shmem/cma helpers into separate modules - use dma_resv iteratior - import dma-buf namespace into gem helper modules scheduler: - fence grab fix - lockdep fixes bridge: - switch to managed MIPI DSI helpers - register and attach during probe fixes - convert to YAML in several places. panel: - add bunch of new panesl simpledrm: - support FB_DAMAGE_CLIPS - support virtual screen sizes - add Apple M1 support amdgpu: - enable seamless boot for DCN 3.01 - runtime PM fixes - use drm_kms_helper_connector_hotplug_event - get all fences at once - use generic drm fb helpers - PSR/DPCD/LTTPR/DSC/PM/RAS/OLED/SRIOV fixes - add smart trace buffer (STB) for supported GPUs - display debugfs entries - new SMU debug option - Documentation update amdkfd: - IP discovery enumeration refactor - interface between driver fixes - SVM fixes - kfd uapi header to define some sysfs bitfields. i915: - support VESA panel backlights - enable ADL-P by default - add eDP privacy screen support - add Raptor Lake S (RPL-S) support - DG2 page table support - lots of GuC/HuC fw refactoring - refactored i915->gt interfaces - CD clock squashing support - enable 10-bit gamma support - update ADL-P DMC fw to v2.14 - enable runtime PM autosuspend by default - ADL-P DSI support - per-lane DP drive settings for ICL+ - add support for pipe C/D DMC firmware - Atomic gamma LUT updates - remove CCS FB stride restrictions on ADL-P - VRR platform support for display 11 - add support for display audio codec keepalive - lots of display refactoring - fix runtime PM handling during PXP suspend - improved eviction performance with async TTM moves - async VMA unbinding improvements - VMA locking refactoring - improved error capture robustness - use per device iommu checks - drop bits stealing from i915_sw_fence function ptr - remove dma_resv_prune - add IC cache invalidation on DG2 nouveau: - crc fixes - validate LUTs in atomic check - set HDMI AVI RGB quant to full tegra: - buffer objects reworks for dma-buf compat - NVDEC driver uAPI support - power management improvements etnaviv: - IOMMU enabled system support - fix > 4GB command buffer mapping - close a DoS vector - fix spurious GPU resets ast: - fix i2c initialization rcar-du: - DSI output support exynos: - replace legacy gpio interface - implement generic GEM object mmap msm: - dpu plane state cleanup in prep for multirect - dpu debugfs cleanups - dp support for sc7280 - a506 support - removal of struct_mutex - remove old eDP sub-driver anx7625: - support MIPI DSI input - support HDMI audio - fix reading EDID lvds: - fix bridge DT bindings megachips: - probe both bridges before registering dw-hdmi: - allow interlace on bridge ps8640: - enable runtime PM - support aux-bus tx358768: - enable reference clock - add pulse mode support ti-sn65dsi86: - use regmap bulk write - add PWM support etnaviv: - get all fences at once gma500: - gem object cleanups kmb: - enable fb console radeon: - use dma_resv_wait_timeout rockchip: - add DSP hold timeout - suspend/resume fixes - PLL clock fixes - implement mmap in GEM object functions - use generic fbdev emulation sun4i: - use CMA helpers without vmap support vc4: - fix HDMI-CEC hang with display is off - power on HDMI controller while disabling - support 4K@60Hz modes - support 10-bit YUV 4:2:0 output vmwgfx: - fix leak on probe errors - fail probing on broken hosts - new placement for MOB page tables - hide internal BOs from userspace - implement GEM support - implement GL 4.3 support virtio: - overflow fixes xen: - implement mmap as GEM object function omapdrm: - fix scatterlist export - support virtual planes mediatek: - MT8192 support - CMDQ refinement -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEEKbZHaGwW9KfbeusDHTzWXnEhr4FAmHX1vMACgkQDHTzWXnE hr6rAw/9ES5RO5N3Ku9foFk1CI9bqy1Kh663KLkkEc+rDdhKpiZbBnAsrKkZ9sGu fNuHmWNN5nWXtDSOqHWuslt3F7Gh+qEBQtlkqC9mZsBm3bWB0aJK6E4QaJxfeSaK ta6AmyGx8DaV+C69i86dnemQurYSDVjROd7LDPKnCU0Fye/JxiXSXQmXksKMFVxd x5vmO9yfeDSg3EF+u1yB6nJNUYZBV0vhrAfjPqxPCRBXuQc7akuaglE/SFwlGnEk vn0GjVHEQcRTqYKrHr64xvQxIoKXcJP0pkDUyT7KYCsyj8GJkvxkb7/ls5pp5DvL SwyNg3J3vwUVP6w6GEvzf3ffG720qqUZvCbvLmE+A/t2DhGILiAm+HXSo43PTOW8 uagT7Gxma8dy8EovjSxioS9HPX8Gcu+S+XYavgOsevOZ7oeEt4f4TLW7LXsw9d6y 75FrMhiUpreab5hAh8Le0swuLYZHjdnJRdjSTqZJ/T6VdTdVftLT6IfwvSDx5CHy cWuufgcAjd7xVTXFquHWYXWLTQkiSMGf1M02jx9IWolTd4Cm41LNBhqMEDHZLHJD 7ngGgoaREVDQ+MqjG90yfIwJFIpJPI3YOaHLi/Kznga+iDzFY6cyOQWW2vX7ZdY5 7+LJWsgGT8Feb7/bzD5hX1mYqJLxh1pWUIaqIKMl+7LJL7gTVU8= =MByd -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----