tag namedrm-next-2021-11-03 (ad90384f42f398fff07e80a5eb8c13ed50a9bd32)
tag date2021-11-03 09:24:53 +1000
tagged byDave Airlie <>
tagged objectcommit d9bd054177...
drm for 5.16-rc1
core: - improve dma_fence, lease and resv documentation - shmem-helpers: allocate WC pages on x86, use vmf_insert_pin - sched fixes/improvements - allow empty drm leases - add dma resv iterator - add more DP 2.0 headers - DP MST helper improvements for DP2.0 dma-buf: - avoid warnings, remove fence trace macros bridge: - new helper to get rid of panels - probe improvements for it66121 - enable DSI EOTP for anx7625 fbdev: - efifb: release runtime PM on destroy ttm: - kerneldoc switch - helper to clear all DMA mappings - pool shrinker optimizaton - remove ttm_tt_destroy_common - update ttm_move_memcpy for async use panel: - add new panel-edp driver amdgpu: - Initial DP 2.0 support - Initial USB4 DP tunnelling support - Aldebaran MCE support - Modifier support for DCC image stores for GFX 10.3 - Display rework for better FP code handling - Yellow Carp/Cyan Skillfish updates - Cyan Skillfish display support - convert vega/navi to IP discovery asic enumeration - validate IP discovery table - RAS improvements - Lots of fixes i915: - DG1 PCI IDs + LMEM discovery/placement - DG1 GuC submission by default - ADL-S PCI IDs updated + enabled by default - ADL-P (XE_LPD) fixed and updates - DG2 display fixes - PXP protected object support for Gen12 integrated - expose multi-LRC submission interface for GuC - export logical engine instance to user - Disable engine bonding on Gen12+ - PSR cleanup - PSR2 selective fetch by default - DP 2.0 prep work - VESA vendor block + MSO use of it - FBC refactor - try again to fix fast-narrow vs slow-wide eDP training - use THP when IOMMU enabled - LMEM backup/restore for suspend/resume - locking simplification - GuC major reworking - async flip VT-D workaround changes - DP link training improvements - misc display refactorings bochs: - new PCI ID rcar-du: - Non-contiguious buffer import support for rcar-du - r8a779a0 support prep omapdrm: - COMPILE_TEST fixes sti: - COMPILE_TEST fixes msm: - fence ordering improvements - eDP support in DP sub-driver - dpu irq handling cleanup - CRC support for making igt happy - NO_CONNECTOR bridge support - dsi: 14nm phy support for msm8953 - mdp5: msm8x53, sdm450, sdm632 support stm: - layer alpha + zpo support v3d: - fix Vulkan CTS failure - support multiple sync objects gud: - add R8/RGB332/RGB888 pixel formats vc4: - convert to new bridge helpers vgem: - use shmem helpers virtio: - support mapping exported vram zte: - remove obsolete driver rockchip: - use bridge attach no connector for LVDS/RGB -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEEKbZHaGwW9KfbeusDHTzWXnEhr4FAmGByPYACgkQDHTzWXnE hr6fxA//cXUvTHlEtF7UJDBRAYv+9lXH39NbGYU4aLJuBNlZztCuUi5JOSyDFDH1 N9VI5biVseev2PEnCzJUubWxTqbUO7FBQTw0TyvZ4Eqn+UZMuFeo0dvdKZRAkvjV VHSUc0fm0+WSYanKUK7XK0fwG8aE6JVyYngzgKPSjifhszTdiiRsbU21iTinFhkS rgh3HEVELp+LqfoG4qzAYqFUjYqUjvCjd/hX/UkzCII8ZXKr38/4127e95443WOk +jes0gWGJe9TvSDrqo9TMx4qukcOniINFUvnzoD2RhOS+Jzr/i5rBh51Xy92g3NO Q7hy6byZdk/ZO/MXCDQ2giUOkBiqn5fQjlRGQp4iAZYw9pb3HU+/xrTq0BWVWd8o /vmzZYEKKU/sCGpxVDMZxsHV3mXIuVBvuZq6bjmSGcybgOBCiDx5F/Rum4nY2yHp lr3cuc0HP3m3f4b/HVvACO4tGd1nDDpVcon7CuhBB7HB7t6Zl9u18qc/qFw0tCTh 3sgAhno6XFXtPFcSX2KAeeg0mhKDKKrsOnq5y3bDRr05Z0jLocJk95aXEKs6em4j gbyHwNaX3CHtiCnFn2/5169+n1K7zqHBtVSGmQlmFDv55rcdx7L3Spk7tCahQeSQ ur24r+sEggm8d5Wjl+MYq6wW3oP31s04JFaeV6oCkaSp1wS+alg= =jdhH -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----