tag namedrm-next-2021-08-31-1 (3723acbe985227b4268c3ce749309e1e55bfd3d5)
tag date2021-08-31 15:30:21 +1000
tagged byDave Airlie <>
tagged objectcommit 8f0284f190...
drm for v5.15-rc1
core: - extract i915 eDP backlight into core - DP aux bus support - drm_device.irq_enabled removed - port drivers to native irq interfaces - export gem shadow plane handling for vgem - print proper driver name in framebuffer registration - driver fixes for implicit fencing rules - ARM fixed rate compression modifier added - updated fb damage handling - rmfb ioctl logging/docs - drop drm_gem_object_put_locked - define DRM_FORMAT_MAX_PLANES - add gem fb vmap/vunmap helpers - add lockdep_assert(once) helpers - mark drm irq midlayer as legacy - use offset adjusted bo mapping conversion vgaarb: - cleanups fbdev: - extend efifb handling to all arches - div by 0 fixes for multiple drivers udmabuf: - add hugepage mapping support dma-buf: - non-dynamic exporter fixups - document implicit fencing rules amdgpu: - Initial Cyan Skillfish support - switch virtual DCE over to vkms based atomic - VCN/JPEG power down fixes - NAVI PCIE link handling fixes - AMD HDMI freesync fixes - Yellow Carp + Beige Goby fixes - Clockgating/S0ix/SMU/EEPROM fixes - embed hw fence in job - rework dma-resv handling - ensure eviction to system ram amdkfd: - uapi: SVM address range query added - sysfs leak fix - GPUVM TLB optimizations - vmfault/migration counters i915: - Enable JSL and EHL by default - preliminary XeHP/DG2 support - remove all CNL support (never shipped) - move to TTM for discrete memory support - allow mixed object mmap handling - GEM uAPI spring cleaning - add I915_MMAP_OBJECT_FIXED - reinstate ADL-P mmap ioctls - drop a bunch of unused by userspace features - disable and remove GPU relocations - revert some i915 misfeatures - major refactoring of GuC for Gen11+ - execbuffer object locking separate step - reject caching/set-domain on discrete - Enable pipe DMC loading on XE-LPD and ADL-P - add PSF GV point support - Refactor and fix DDI buffer translations - Clean up FBC CFB allocation code - Finish INTEL_GEN() and friends macro conversions nouveau: - add eDP backlight support - implicit fence fix msm: - a680/7c3 support - drm/scheduler conversion panfrost: - rework GPU reset virtio: - fix fencing for planes ast: - add detect support bochs: - move to tiny GPU driver vc4: - use hotplug irqs - HDMI codec support vmwgfx: - use internal vmware device headers ingenic: - demidlayering irq rcar-du: - shutdown fixes - convert to bridge connector helpers zynqmp-dsub: - misc fixes mgag200: - convert PLL handling to atomic mediatek: - MT8133 AAL support - gem mmap object support - MT8167 support etnaviv: - NXP Layerscape LS1028A SoC support - GEM mmap cleanups tegra: - new user API exynos: - missing unlock fix - build warning fix - use refcount_t -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEEKbZHaGwW9KfbeusDHTzWXnEhr4FAmEtvn8ACgkQDHTzWXnE hr7aqw//WfcIyGdPLjAz59cW8jm+FgihD5colHtOUYRHRO4GeX/bNNufquR8+N3y HESsyZdpihFHms/wURMq41ibmHg0EuHA01HZzjZuGBesG4F9I8sP/HnDOxDuYuAx N7Lg4PlUNlfFHmw7Y84owQ6s/XWmNp5iZ8e/mTK5hcraJFQKS4QO74n9RbG/F1vC Hc3P6AnpqGac2AEGXt0NjIRxVVCTUIBGx+XOhj+1AMyAGzt9VcO1DS9PVCS0zsEy zKMj9tZAPNg0wYsXAi4kA1lK7uVY8KoXSVDYLpsI5Or2/e7mfq2b4EWrezbtp6UA H+w86axuwJq7NaYHYH6HqyrLTOmvcHgIl2LoZN91KaNt61xfJT3XZkyQoYViGIrJ oZy6X/+s+WPoW98bHZrr6vbcxtWKfEeQyUFEAaDMmraKNJwROjtwgFC9DP8MDctq PUSM+XkwbGRRxQfv9dNKufeWfV5blVfzEJO8EfTU1YET3WTDaUHe/FoIcLZt2DZG JAJgZkIlU8egthPdakUjQz/KoyLMyovcN5zcjgzgjA9PyNEq74uElN9l446kSSxu jEVErOdd+aG3Zzk7/ZZL/RmpNQpPfpQ2RaPUkgeUsW01myNzUNuU3KUDaSlVa+Oi 1n7eKoaQ2to/+LjhYApVriri4hIZckNNn5FnnhkgwGi8mpHQIVQ= =vZkA -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----