tag namedrm-next-2021-07-01 (42c7a19e4881b16ee47df6e6298ab468294e3ee4)
tag date2021-07-01 14:21:23 +1000
tagged byDave Airlie <>
tagged objectcommit 8a02ea42bc...
drm pull for 5.14-rc1
core: - mark AGP ioctls as legacy - disable force probing for non-master clients - HDR metadata property helpers - HDMI infoframe signal colorimetry support - remove drm_device.pdev pointer - remove DRM_KMS_FB_HELPER config option - remove drm_pci_alloc/free - drm_err_*/drm_dbg_* helpers - use drm driver names for fbdev - leaked DMA handle fix - 16bpc fixed point format fourcc - add prefetching memcpy for WC - Documentation fixes aperture: - add aperture ownership helpers dp: - aux fixes - downstream 0 port handling - use extended base receiver capability DPCD - Rename DP_PSR_SELECTIVE_UPDATE to better mach eDP spec - mst: use khz as link rate during init - VCPI fixes for StarTech hub ttm: - provide tt_shrink file via debugfs - warn about freeing pinned BOs - fix swapping error handling - move page alignment into BO - cleanup ttm_agp_backend - add ttm_sys_manager - don't override vm_ops - ttm_bo_mmap removed - make ttm_resource base of all managers - remove VM_MIXEDMAP usage panel: - sysfs_emit support - simple: runtime PM support - simple: power up panel when reading EDID + caching bridge: - MHDP8546: HDCP support + DT bindings - MHDP8546: Register DP AUX channel with userspace - TI SN65DSI83 + SN65DSI84: add driver - Sil8620: Fix module dependencies - dw-hdmi: make CEC driver loading optional - Ti-sn65dsi86: refclk fixes, subdrivers, runtime pm - It66121: Add driver + DT bindings - Adv7511: Support I2S IEC958 encoding - Anx7625: fix power-on delay - Nwi-dsi: Modesetting fixes; Cleanups - lt6911: add missing MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE - cdns: fix PM reference leak hyperv: - add new DRM driver for HyperV graphics efifb: - non-PCI device handling fixes i915: - refactor IP/device versioning - XeLPD Display IP preperation work - ADL-P enablement patches - DG1 uAPI behind BROKEN - disable mmap ioctl for discerte GPUs - start enabling HuC loading for Gen12+ - major GuC backend rework for new platforms - initial TTM support for Discrete GPUs - locking rework for TTM prep - use correct max source link rate for eDP - %p4cc format printing - GLK display fixes - VLV DSI panel power fixes - PSR2 disabled for RKL and ADL-S - ACPI _DSM invalid access fixed - DMC FW path abstraction - ADL-S PCI ID update - uAPI headers converted to kerneldoc - initial LMEM support for DG1 - x86/gpu: add Jasperlake to gen11 early quirks amdgpu: - Aldebaran updates + initial SR-IOV - new GPU: Beige Goby and Yellow Carp support - more LTTPR display work - Vangogh updates - SDMA 5.x GCR fixes - PCIe ASPM support - Renoir TMZ enablement - initial multiple eDP panel support - use fdinfo to track devices/process info - pin/unpin TTM fixes - free resource on fence usage query - fix fence calculation - fix hotunplug/suspend issues - GC/MM register access macro cleanup for SR-IOV - W=1 fixes - ACPI ATCS/ATIF handling rework - 16bpc fixed point format support - Initial smartshift support - RV/PCO power tuning fixes - new INFO query for additional vbios info amdkfd: - SR-IOV aldebaran support - HMM SVM support radeon: - SMU regression fixes - Oland flickering fix vmwgfx: - enable console with fbdev emulation - fix cpu updates of coherent multisample surfaces - remove reservation semaphore - add initial SVGA3 support - support arm64 msm: - devcoredump support for display errors - dpu/dsi: yaml bindings conversion - mdp5: alpha/blend_mode/zpos support - a6xx: cached coherent buffer support - gpu iova fault improvement - a660 support rockchip: - RK3036 win1 scaling support - RK3066/3188 missing register support - RK3036/3066/3126/3188 alpha support mediatek: - MT8167 HDMI support - MT8183 DPI dual edge support tegra: - fixed YUV support/scaling on Tegra186+ ast: - use pcim_iomap - fix DP501 EDID bochs: - screen blanking support etnaviv: - export more GPU ID values to userspace - add HWDB entry for GPU on i.MX8MP - rework linear window calcs exynos: - pm runtime changes imx: - Annotate dma_fence critical section - fix PRG modifiers after drmm conversion - Add 8 pixel alignment fix for 1366x768 - fix YUV advertising - add color properties ingenic: - IPU planes fix panfrost: - Mediatek MT8183 support + DT bindings - export AFBC_FEATURES register to userspace simpledrm: - %pr for printing resources nouveau: - pin/unpin TTM fixes qxl: - unpin shadow BO virtio: - create dumb BOs as guest blob vkms: - drmm_universal_plane_alloc - add XRGB plane composition - overlay support -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEEKbZHaGwW9KfbeusDHTzWXnEhr4FAmDdQzkACgkQDHTzWXnE hr7bhQ//aSYnp1To3tvPtwQ2H88RTnEbUd+nCi3C03QdLAbHC9dYHVdWuNPw2doh aiJO2JyQoqXVo95Jc39qkmpvm1lLDNQuufBweCHxbbpl8wYIUjfkIYq+fnZbWPaA aRVSOLE/4DIcgJTimsgOssAOK9klk/WYT9EV7CNIBA/b0R6f9iTUoBxCALDvMeVx Pt3Rnfsg3+u8msqBkkpkvFLZRS8lkXx6eZ0LEhUfRsfMcKo5L80cOHgvIhrh9+fN yBFv+u7jM3fOxyUYEoBeVY8UqTLfbgM+vdiP9pmiGn66yCZVJWIxCe1Mijk6K143 f4OxJy1jJAGzo/knLCuCb21qbzyImQzkold9V+h8KAvTXGeMPISjbpLbwGeo8rne lfTAisGnu8q3xvYAU9znx9DkFQULgUuWahEYY3jX0ApVCR76hiT6H7AR9EOMhvKY PD1n39Bf62p7zK5QQ+XUOiX3PGv8J6Hw/wykFy+AIg4YgT/oK+QJul820MjZiYyt 7Kt09Ibj4JO+vubxqlbJVsW3xtdg/Oz3BRMIdHs+2l/s0pSwBZa+qTcXhPGZxB5B HiyHiUgLsK8MQ0aIw9IK8+nJH8M60t6A179BbmVWxhYpGLH2Wvq0Vxgsedt9trHn 2RN3mHlpXHSaZJbIbPcvuOewBLKA6K94o2ZZ8xqZbDcCjjC60ts= =fFet -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----