tag namedrm-next-2020-12-11 (78e07376f6b2928a203e505eb79ab9dee0bffd99)
tag date2020-12-11 13:39:56 +1000
tagged byDave Airlie <>
tagged objectcommit b10733527b...
drm for 5.11-rc1
core: - documentation updates - deprecate DRM_FORMAT_MOD_NONE - atomic crtc enable/disable rework - GEM convert drivers to gem object functions - remove SCATTER_LIST_MAX_SEGMENT sched: - avoid infinite waits ttm: - remove AGP support - don't modify caching for swapout - ttm pinning rework - major TTM reworks - new backend allocator - multihop support vram-helper: - top down BO placement fix - TTM changes - GEM object support displayport: - DP 2.0 DPCD prep work - DP MST extended DPCD caps fbdev: - mark as orphaned amdgpu: - Initial Vangogh support - Green Sardine support - Dimgrey Cavefish support - SG display support for renoir - SMU7 improvements - gfx9+ modiifier support - CI BACO fixes radeon: - expose voltage via hwmon on SUMO amdkfd: - fix unique id handling i915: - more DG1 enablement - bigjoiner support - integer scaling filter support - async flip support - ICL+ DSI command mode - Improve display shutdown - Display refactoring - eLLC machine fbdev loading fix - dma scatterlist fixes - TGL hang fixes - eLLC display buffer caching on SKL+ - MOCS PTE seeting for gen9+ msm: - Shutdown hook - GPU cooling device support - DSI 7nm and 10nm phy/pll updates - sm8150/sm2850 DPU support - GEM locking re-work - LLCC system cache support aspeed: - sysfs output config support ast: - LUT fix - new display mode gma500: - remove 2d framebuffer accel panfrost: - move gpu reset to a worker exynos: - new HDMI mode support mediatek: - MT8167 support - yaml bindings - MIPI DSI phy code moved etnaviv: - new perf counter - more lockdep annotation hibmc: - i2c DDC support ingenic: - pixel clock reset fix - reserved memory support - allow both DMA channels at once - different pixel format support - 30/24/8-bit palette modes tilcdc: - don't keep vblank irq enabled vc4: - new maintainer added - DSI registration fix virtio: - blob resource support - host visible and cross-device support - uuid api support -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJf0upGAAoJEAx081l5xIa+1EoP/2OkZnl5d9S26qPja15EoRFl S69OjNci331Br9Y111jD2OCtyqA7w3ppnvCmzpHOBK1IZjhkxOVNC6PSUFSV4M3V oVOxZK0KaMHpLU2p90NbURWHa2TOktj7IWb9FrhPaEeBECbFuORZ2TbloFhaoyyt 9auEAwqYRPgF8CSYOjQGGZJ85MQN4ImExTdY13+BZgQlGLiSPHfpnLVJ1Q5TPt6A BLgcU/DFcqOZqyjeu+CuA+LZSHjHeVJxTOGRX65PoTtU3Xus8TRZ/qL4r8e6mAI1 boFLmsevvQlzaQ9GFohc+l9QR/dtnm6SpZxuEelewh7sQvsz2GI+SNF+OHcwHCph TYIEtyZNaz1bf7ip75FGbhEVaWh2PUMn3zkGlYt+zqAtznYB+dFPc31hhuVn3o5X c8UwLDUUJLzTePKPZ0UtzIu4Gm2RYTyRsnUAP0OKP/0WaZRyxnoQMYm5Llg7RBe0 5ZJSWjJPBlv1YMWAHQ0YMZ+MhnFE8k4eV/8WfBQnb2INosgzKfJXEmu6ffAkPqSq jxBsrVQwtOMF2P9VEfdQDv3fs0GKDuZN5ezTFuW59Dt4VYfCUe2FTssSwFBIp5X9 erPJ/nk883rcI6F0PdArNYvWpwPlVSDJyfTxQbYYxVAf8X1ARJCU3PT6iBnGO3i4 d5tveSc8HoOXr4W3eIjn =c9rl -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----