tag namedrm-next-2020-10-23 (6d915084126048b56cff0a79a0ed577fc46176a5)
tag date2020-10-23 09:56:26 +1000
tagged byDave Airlie <>
tagged objectcommit b45b6fbc67...
drm fixes (round two) for 5.10-rc1
fbcon/fonts: - Two patches to prevent OOB access ttm: - fix for evicition value range check amdgpu: - Sienna Cichlid fixes - MST manager resource leak fix - GPU reset fix amdkfd: - Luxmark fix for Navi1x i915: - Tweak initial DPCD backlight.enabled value (Sean) - Initialize reserved MOCS indices (Ayaz) - Mark initial fb obj as WT on eLLC machines to avoid rcu lockup (Ville) - Support parsing of oversize batches (Chris) - Delay execlists processing for TGL (Chris) - Use the active reference on the vma during error capture (Chris) - Widen CSB pointer (Chris) - Wait for CSB entries on TGL (Chris) - Fix unwind for scratch page allocation (Chris) - Exclude low patches of stolen memory (Chris) - Force VT'd workarounds when running as a guest OS (Chris) - Drop runtime-pm assert from vpgu io accessors (Chris) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJfkhyvAAoJEAx081l5xIa+3qIQAKjvgIvuoLix+bl/gkOHwymv QHTXVA3Gi4Rup778L3k1GNppQX4/LE42Of9wnsZIELxG0vxKl59JGzlWJVld/rtJ ZXfoT5kh7Hh7kkiXnC2s11aqQSsgr25lfsY8gOWSPIGfwOn07JSMTkqPWlbwrOz2 il6qlOlgfSNfXwn2NxSTzGxZMrgOyUvKNZczRXU9gSuuoTsEo4bAvS7/vEN4hazX DFQAZfd82PfcdAIkVzk/gOoaCQ6a9YgjOzg1RQ4gKhrj8UaWu4gUyJwWPjSMnLrh uP2RM3gU54MhVF3jHt+D0Trv2ti2zStD9wc4AEJwOVQZtcDSsgGduOdUs5Xc/1l5 dBOvpumBmNxsYbVvvThijNeSx6Y5ybzI3iUp8SLDftiRZtwsXds2aRaskuVgMqj4 MSBdOiZqoJudLjwCBHWKe328+r00X+f14Vi30Y0cy4VW59NxLG5D7qjc5BGqJw1q J3FQ/9uDh0lWbeKT/grapjP43IWcLApykZa3Rn6p2w0mW2+8Wht/WbrFYyNYGlzf aNS9RnknTaMYWpvZUZLVG83dJpn6Y9ooHa9L/blMzfCxpF6ftEYf+Iq2x8s0gprz tIq0xsGvBacsnQIOWRuHjuF87zibVbDp9ba+x78F/woyUqEhip+lBXaPofp132gQ HtIdQewvG9KcLZcoluO4 =rAUM -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----