tag namedrm-fixes-2022-06-24 (2f6460c9f57031cdcf6455b821f3a8d18c23e6a7)
tag date2022-06-24 15:24:48 +1000
tagged byDave Airlie <>
tagged objectcommit 1e9124df8b...
drm fixes for 5.19-rc4
amdgpu: - Adjust GTT size logic - eDP fix for RMB - DCN 3.15 fix - DP training fix - Color encoding fix for DCN2+ sun4i: - multiple suspend fixes vc4: - rework driver split for rpi4, fixes mulitple crashers. panel: - quirk for Aya Neo Next i915: - Revert low voltage SKU check removal to fix display issues - Apply PLL DCO fraction workaround for ADL-S - Don't show engine classes not present in client fdinfo msm: - Workaround for parade DSI bridge power sequencing - Fix for multi-planar YUV format offsets - Limiting WB modes to max sspp linewidth - Fixing the supported rotations to add 180 back for IGT - Fix to handle pm_runtime_get_sync() errors to avoid unclocked access in the bind() path for dpu driver - Fix the irq_free() without request issue which was a being hit frequently in CI. - Fix to add minimum ICC vote in the msm_mdss pm_resume path to address bootup splats - Fix to avoid dereferencing without checking in WB encoder - Fix to avoid crash during suspend in DP driver by ensuring interrupt mask bits are updated - Remove unused code from dpu_encoder_virt_atomic_check() - Fix to remove redundant init of dsc variable - Fix to ensure mmap offset is initialized to avoid memory corruption from unpin/evict - Fix double runpm disable in probe-defer path - VMA fenced-unpin fixes - Fix for WB max-width - Fix for rare dp resolution change issue -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEEKbZHaGwW9KfbeusDHTzWXnEhr4FAmK1S1EACgkQDHTzWXnE hr76nxAArO4n/Hqjuvp50KDuOSbGqSU0z97j9ImzAij6mIoBv2HrQ3VDitdON8ym 8QI7Xc3mgiABs6GbBfIVm8cxEY0CKjH/l0IqZ6z4CT06T1lhgc5KwvceoE/Qap6y ZrleAjk34ZS1kagMUklm6DTkKRnNIkYLt/CLX7VVV2Afpiduanr0ILwEPLqQrbXP zcB3nblu34/5Mywa2dPFChspqlv4g+RyUML2M8M7g4lOC+dDaQBbr69g2m17fMar vmXyCsHyo5LSGLKen8k+oIQWXYzpCbH9n/6s+OLe/HMX52lkudEtIcA7jcxwNY46 tajy3yfrP/c3FOVF2mTGwIs/zx0R1XiEjUgcDGAJwo2bY8OMJqToLRPj9M0Gyoub UixoYfqGVwxpInVHmRVx7zWF5c0/RpRY1yLcOuPSmG+qXx9PHny+I2eYgsNzkT0M UmM6pt5Vlj2AjjU0NKfNbZ7MM6lSE82lvtdV3h7sR9I3LCLZhPyXqNudWZtKFtSF qIJL4yq4mjPZ5F9/fG8ttz7tnJ9yNe2Gq3AbldKlbIZZ2EpOGDjaDV75zqA5lxyY bmz8U5+QbK0/LTsLjoQtX8Ch9tVwyZjGtUZ2zxuiId0OKla4GSfTKFWE6cZAAtYg rtkn6Q3WAVyAElg3E2JojVjIGalpIsXamfKWmc4wCUIVy2WbLgk= =yG/r -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----