tag namedrm-fixes-2020-02-21 (d1de4b9b4ebdbacf38042f7fbef3f91e3c7459c5)
tag date2020-02-21 15:32:25 +1000
tagged byDave Airlie <>
tagged objectcommit 97d9a4e961...
drm fixes for 5.6-rc3
core: - Allow only 1 rotation argument, and allow 0 rotation in video cmdline. i915: - Workaround missing Display Stream Compression (DSC) state readout by forcing modeset when its enabled at probe - Fix EHL port clock voltage level requirements - Fix queuing retire workers on the virtual engine - Fix use of partially initialized waiters - Stop using drm_pci_alloc/drm_pci/free - Fix rewind of RING_TAIL by forcing a context reload - Fix locking on resetting ring->head - Propagate our bug filing URL change to stable kernels panfrost: - Small compiler warning fix for panfrost. - Fix when using performance counters in panfrost when using per fd address space. sun4xi: - Fix dt binding nouveau: - tu11x modesetting fix - ACR/GR firmware support for tu11x (fw is public now) msm: - fix UBWC on GPU and display side for sc7180 - fix DSI suspend/resume issue encountered on sc7180 - fix some breakage on so called "linux-android" devices (fallout from sc7180/a618 support, not seen earlier due to bootloader/firmware differences) - couple other misc fixes amdgpu: - HDCP fixes - xclk fix for raven - GFXOFF fixes -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJeT28iAAoJEAx081l5xIa+fugP/37HbQre6t9NLx2xgNp9G608 pNTzEhT7+kHZ9xpAul5QXCAtM9h7WHgM6fJyIqZdE8lDcQxKrtWe4ol/Yo/hux7K 8DaZoZV5MjAryrTXPA2oe8o+u4VAUd3+kgWwGXfKeBGxaKlE8a6h0V895z9TPhqx UaNcpk2X7SGTO+8avd0qZXzotreZfBMGw6awGeB+5Y9GJOgnLIqxmP9LZpuvvw6D XbzJxjMsGO2m/V1iBJLCB0che2Lu5pPfc/JBVw7UTFK/Pzq5UI5Q+YsVmNOLZ+vr rslGuxZ8V58Zh58K5svbvtIwYij4pWFEuQH88XgPDP2iFdTPY5wXSqAItAiFJ9ql 4MlC9G1sT+raCkcPQRJmhKXsdwrH8oh9OYE8J2vEasapiql3d5dar7dfQ91NtaSH sIJGx67zgw+ZVgdpVq4QXD900lDbcrIpxqHyTYjedgZynCBiO9L8vrhJuzg+0Bnp LioK+u7UZiS2WQwIPBN4V0x3sJKvLWhOceU40ME1JhYxAqC52428xXRPtLbBbW1A jqFlPJMlo4K5hS/GTD/kIHdmdY5k/KX1tuo3WqxxjbnWAu7vPPX12+78etIojW5R 5JiokYdRT2o4Ke7nK5DCf51iA9OU64EAkAMIeuqMoZW2JTDI8Cdpj6p0MhqRWu4k C+eX/2RfrfR9juPtR3+n =q5x/ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----