path: root/drivers/gpu/drm/msm
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2020-09-08Merge tag 'drm-msm-fixes-2020-09-04' of Airlie11-37/+85
2020-09-04drm/msm: Disable the RPTR shadowJordan Crouse6-27/+43
2020-09-04drm/msm: Disable preemption on all 5xx targetsJordan Crouse1-1/+2
2020-09-04drm/msm: Enable expanded apriv support for a650Jordan Crouse4-4/+19
2020-09-04drm/msm: Split the a5xx preemption recordJordan Crouse2-5/+21
2020-08-28Merge tag 'drm-fixes-2020-08-28' of git:// Torvalds12-25/+99
2020-08-23treewide: Use fallthrough pseudo-keywordGustavo A. R. Silva4-5/+5
2020-08-22drm/msm/a6xx: fix frequency not always being restored on GMU resumeJonathan Marek1-0/+1
2020-08-22drm/msm/a6xx: add module param to enable debugbus snapshotRob Clark3-1/+8
2020-08-22drm/msm/a6xx: fix crashdec section name typoRob Clark1-1/+1
2020-08-22drm/msm/a6xx: fix gmu start on newer firmwareDmitry Baryshkov1-1/+11
2020-08-21drm/msm: enable vblank during atomic commitsRob Clark1-0/+36
2020-08-18drm/msm: add shutdown support for display platform_driverKrishna Manikandan1-0/+8
2020-08-17drm: msm: a6xx: use dev_pm_opp_set_bw to scale DDRSharat Masetty1-8/+17
2020-08-17drm/msm/gpu: make ringbuffer readonlyRob Clark1-1/+2
2020-08-17drm/msm/adreno: fix updating ring fenceRob Clark1-1/+1
2020-08-17drm/msm/dpu: fix unitialized variable errorRob Clark1-1/+1
2020-08-17drm/msm/dpu: Fix scale params in plane validationKalyan Thota1-2/+2
2020-08-17drm/msm/dpu: Fix reservation failures in modesetKalyan Thota1-9/+11
2020-08-06Merge tag 'sched-fifo-2020-08-04' of git:// Torvalds1-12/+1
2020-07-31drm/msm: use kthread_create_worker instead of kthread_runBernard3-15/+8
2020-07-31drm/msm/mdp5: Add MDP5 configuration for SDM636/660Konrad Dybcio1-0/+105
2020-07-31drm/msm/dsi: Add DSI configuration for SDM660Konrad Dybcio2-0/+22
2020-07-31drm/msm/mdp5: Add MDP5 configuration for SDM630Konrad Dybcio1-0/+93
2020-07-31drm/msm/dsi: Add phy configuration for SDM630/636/660Konrad Dybcio3-0/+21
2020-07-31drm/msm/a6xx: add A640/A650 hwcgJonathan Marek3-4/+117
2020-07-31drm/msm/a6xx: hwcg tables in gpulistJonathan Marek3-14/+20
2020-07-31drm/msm/dpu: add SM8250 to hw catalogJonathan Marek2-0/+109
2020-07-31drm/msm/dpu: add SM8150 to hw catalogJonathan Marek2-0/+149
2020-07-31drm/msm/dpu: intf timing path for displayportJonathan Marek1-5/+15
2020-07-31drm/msm/dpu: set missing flush bits for INTF_2 and INTF_3Jonathan Marek1-18/+2
2020-07-31drm/msm/dpu: don't use INTF_INPUT_CTRL feature on sdm845Jonathan Marek3-15/+27
2020-07-31drm/msm/dpu: move some sspp caps to dpu_capsJonathan Marek3-27/+17
2020-07-31drm/msm/dpu: update UBWC config for sm8150 and sm8250Jonathan Marek6-90/+42
2020-07-31drm/msm/dpu: use right setup_blend_config for sm8150 and sm8250Jonathan Marek1-3/+2
2020-07-31drm/msm/a6xx: set ubwc config for A640 and A650Jonathan Marek1-6/+32
2020-07-31drm/msm/adreno: un-open-code some packetsRob Clark2-6/+10
2020-07-31drm/msm: sync generated headersRob Clark18-1200/+5900
2020-07-31drm/msm/a6xx: add build_bw_table for A640/A650Jonathan Marek1-0/+74
2020-07-31drm/msm/a6xx: fix crashstate capture for A650Jonathan Marek3-11/+31
2020-07-31drm/msm: Quiet error during failure in optional resource mappings.Eric Anholt3-6/+22
2020-07-31drm/msm: Garbage collect unused resource _len fields.Eric Anholt3-31/+0
2020-07-31drm/msm/dpu: fix/enable 6bpc dither with split-lmRob Clark2-12/+13
2020-07-31drm: msm: a6xx: fix gpu failure after system resumeAkhil P Oommen1-8/+10
2020-07-31drm/msm: dsi: Use OPP API to set clk/perf stateRajendra Nayak1-2/+25
2020-07-31drm/msm/dpu: Use OPP API to set clk/perf stateRajendra Nayak3-2/+32
2020-07-31drm/msm: ratelimit crtc event overflow errorRob Clark1-1/+1
2020-07-31drm: msm: a6xx: send opp instead of a frequencySharat Masetty4-45/+52
2020-07-31drm/msm: Fix a null pointer access in msm_gem_shrinker_count()Akhil P Oommen1-15/+21
2020-07-31drm/msm/dpu: add support for dither block in displayKalyan Thota3-9/+121