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2021-05-07Merge tag 'drm-misc-next-fixes-2021-05-06' of git:// Airlie3-32/+0
2021-05-03drm/msm/dpu: Delete bonkers codeRob Clark3-32/+0
2021-04-13Merge tag 'drm-msm-next-2021-04-11' of Vetter19-183/+1112
2021-04-13Merge drm/drm-fixes into drm-nextDaniel Vetter2-6/+10
2021-04-09drm/msm/disp/dpu1: fix display underruns during modeset.Kalyan Thota2-1/+1
2021-04-09drm/msm/mdp5: Disable pingpong autorefresh at tearcheck initAngeloGioacchino Del Regno1-0/+1
2021-04-09drm/msm/mdp5: Do not multiply vclk line count by 100Marijn Suijten1-4/+4
2021-04-09drm/msm/mdp5: Configure PP_SYNC_HEIGHT to double the vtotalMarijn Suijten1-1/+9
2021-04-07drm/msm/disp/dpu1: add flags to indicate obsolete irqsKrishna Manikandan5-7/+26
2021-04-07drm/msm/disp/dpu1: add vsync and underrun irqs for INTF_5Krishna Manikandan1-1/+6
2021-04-07drm/msm/disp/dpu1: increase the range of interrupts in dpu_irq_mapKrishna Manikandan1-94/+661
2021-04-07drm/msm/disp/dpu1: enable DATA_HCTL_EN for sc7280 targetKrishna Manikandan1-1/+10
2021-04-07drm/msm/disp/dpu1: add support to program fetch active in ctl pathKrishna Manikandan3-1/+36
2021-04-07drm/msm/disp/dpu1: add intf offsets for SC7280 targetKrishna Manikandan1-1/+19
2021-04-07drm/msm/disp/dpu1: add support for display for SC7280 targetKrishna Manikandan4-18/+170
2021-04-07drm/msm/dpu: always use mdp device to scale bandwidthDmitry Baryshkov2-52/+2
2021-04-07drm/msm/dpu: fill missing details in hw catalog for sdm845 and sm8[12]50Dmitry Baryshkov1-0/+8
2021-04-07drm/msm/dpu: enable DPU_SSPP_QOS_8LVL for SM8250Dmitry Baryshkov1-1/+1
2021-04-07drivers: gpu: drm: msn: disp: dpu1: Fixed couple of spellings in the file dpu...Bhaskar Chowdhury1-2/+2
2021-04-07drm/msm/disp/dpu1: turn off vblank irqs aggressively in dpu driverKalyan Thota8-0/+155
2021-04-07drm/msm: add compatibles for sm8150/sm8250 displayJonathan Marek1-0/+2
2021-04-02drm/msm/disp/dpu1: program 3d_merge only if block is attachedKalyan Thota1-1/+3
2021-03-22drm/msm/disp/dpu1: icc path needs to be set before dpu runtime resumeKalyan Thota1-5/+7
2021-03-16Merge tag 'drm-misc-next-2021-03-03' of git:// Airlie5-62/+77
2021-02-25drm: Use state helper instead of the plane state pointerMaxime Ripard3-3/+7
2021-02-25drm/atomic: Pass the full state to planes atomic disable and updateMaxime Ripard5-8/+7
2021-02-24drm: Rename plane->state variables in atomic update and disableMaxime Ripard3-12/+12
2021-02-24drm: Use state helper instead of plane state pointer in atomic_checkMaxime Ripard1-1/+3
2021-02-24drm: Use the state pointer directly in planes atomic_checkMaxime Ripard2-2/+2
2021-02-24drm/atomic: Pass the full state to planes atomic_checkMaxime Ripard3-3/+8
2021-02-24drm: Rename plane atomic_check state namesMaxime Ripard2-21/+23
2021-02-24drm/atomic: Pass the full state to planes async atomic check and updateMaxime Ripard1-14/+19
2021-02-23drm/gem: Move drm_gem_fb_prepare_fb() to GEM atomic helpersThomas Zimmermann1-2/+2
2021-02-17drm: Switch to %p4cc format modifierSakari Ailus1-4/+2
2021-02-05drm/msm/disp/mdp5: mdp5_cfg: Fix msm8974v2 max_clkKonrad Dybcio1-1/+1
2021-01-31drivers/gpu/drm/msm/disp/dpu1/dpu_kms.c: Remove unneeded semicolonXu Wang1-1/+1
2021-01-31drm/msm/mdp5: Fix wait-for-commit for cmd panelsIskren Chernev1-1/+1
2021-01-31drm/msm/dpu1: add support for qseed3lite used on sm8250Dmitry Baryshkov7-7/+112
2021-01-31drm/msm/dpu: Remove unused call in wait_for_commit_doneAngeloGioacchino Del Regno1-8/+3
2021-01-31drm/msm/dpu: Correctly configure vsync tearcheck for command modeAngeloGioacchino Del Regno1-7/+4
2021-01-31drm/msm/dpu: Disable autorefresh in command modeAngeloGioacchino Del Regno3-0/+108
2021-01-31drm/msm/dpu: Allow specifying features and sblk in DSPP_BLK macroAngeloGioacchino Del Regno1-7/+12
2021-01-31drm/msm/dpu: Add prog_fetch_lines_worst_case to INTF_BLK macroAngeloGioacchino Del Regno1-12/+12
2021-01-31drm/msm/dpu: Move DPU_SSPP_QOS_8LVL bit to SDM845 and SC7180 masksAngeloGioacchino Del Regno1-3/+3
2021-01-31drm/msm/dpu: Fix VBIF_XINL_QOS_LVL_REMAP_000 register offsetAngeloGioacchino Del Regno1-4/+5
2020-12-10Merge tag 'drm-msm-next-2020-12-07' of Airlie33-253/+543
2020-12-05drm/msm/dpu: enable DSPP support on SM8[12]50Dmitry Baryshkov2-7/+22
2020-12-03drm/msm/dpu: update the qos remap only if the client type changesAbhinav Kumar2-2/+17
2020-12-03drm/msm/disp/dpu1/dpu_hw_interrupts: Demote kernel-doc formatting misuseLee Jones1-2/+2
2020-11-29drm/msm/dpu: consider vertical front porch in the prefill bw calculationKalyan Thota1-2/+9