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Merge tag 'pci-v5.9-changes' of git://
Pull PCI updates from Bjorn Helgaas: "Enumeration: - Fix pci_cfg_wait queue locking problem (Bjorn Helgaas) - Convert PCIe capability PCIBIOS errors to errno (Bolarinwa Olayemi Saheed) - Align PCIe capability and PCI accessor return values (Bolarinwa Olayemi Saheed) - Fix pci_create_slot() reference count leak (Qiushi Wu) - Announce device after early fixups (Tiezhu Yang) PCI device hotplug: - Make rpadlpar functions static (Wei Yongjun) Driver binding: - Add device even if driver attach failed (Rajat Jain) Virtualization: - xen: Remove redundant initialization of irq (Colin Ian King) IOMMU: - Add pci_pri_supported() to check device or associated PF (Ashok Raj) - Release IVRS table in AMD ACS quirk (Hanjun Guo) - Mark AMD Navi10 GPU rev 0x00 ATS as broken (Kai-Heng Feng) - Treat "external-facing" devices themselves as internal (Rajat Jain) MSI: - Forward MSI-X error code in pci_alloc_irq_vectors_affinity() (Piotr Stankiewicz) Error handling: - Clear PCIe Device Status errors only if OS owns AER (Jonathan Cameron) - Log correctable errors as warning, not error (Matt Jolly) - Use 'pci_channel_state_t' instead of 'enum pci_channel_state' (Luc Van Oostenryck) Peer-to-peer DMA: - Allow P2PDMA on AMD Zen and newer CPUs (Logan Gunthorpe) ASPM: - Add missing newline in sysfs 'policy' (Xiongfeng Wang) Native PCIe controllers: - Convert to devm_platform_ioremap_resource_byname() (Dejin Zheng) - Convert to devm_platform_ioremap_resource() (Dejin Zheng) - Remove duplicate error message from devm_pci_remap_cfg_resource() callers (Dejin Zheng) - Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (Dinghao Liu) - Remove dev_err() when handing an error from platform_get_irq() (Krzysztof Wilczyński) - Use list directly instead of splicing in a temporary list for cadence, mvebu, host-common (Rob Herring) - Use pci_host_probe() instead of open-coding all the pieces for altera, brcmstb, iproc, mobiveil, rcar, rockchip, tegra, v3, versatile, xgene, xilinx, xilinx-nwl (Rob Herring) - Default host bridge parent device to the platform device (Rob Herring) - Use pci_is_root_bus() instead of tracking root bus number separately in aardvark, designware (imx6, keystone, designware-host), mobiveil, xilinx-nwl, xilinx, rockchip, rcar (Rob Herring) - Set host bridge bus number in pci_scan_root_bus_bridge() instead of each driver for aardvark, designware-host, host-common, mediatek, rcar, tegra, v3-semi (Rob Herring) - Move DT resource setup into devm_pci_alloc_host_bridge() (Rob Herring) - Set bridge map_irq and swizzle_irq to default functions; drivers that don't support legacy IRQs (iproc) need to undo this (Rob Herring) ARM Versatile PCIe controller driver: - Drop flag PCI_ENABLE_PROC_DOMAINS (Rob Herring) Cadence PCIe controller driver: - Use "dma-ranges" instead of "cdns,no-bar-match-nbits" property (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - Remove "mem" from reg binding (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - Fix cdns_pcie_{host|ep}_setup() error path (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - Convert all r/w accessors to perform only 32-bit accesses (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - Add support to start link and verify link status (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - Allow pci_host_bridge to have custom pci_ops (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - Add new *ops* for CPU addr fixup (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - Fix updating Vendor ID and Subsystem Vendor ID register (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - Use bridge resources for outbound window setup (Rob Herring) - Remove private bus number and range storage (Rob Herring) Cadence PCIe endpoint driver: - Add MSI-X support (Alan Douglas) HiSilicon PCIe controller driver: - Remove non-ECAM HiSilicon hip05/hip06 driver (Rob Herring) Intel VMD host bridge driver: - Use Shadow MEMBAR registers for QEMU/KVM guests (Jon Derrick) Loongson PCIe controller driver: - Use DECLARE_PCI_FIXUP_EARLY for bridge_class_quirk() (Tiezhu Yang) Marvell Aardvark PCIe controller driver: - Indicate error in 'val' when config read fails (Pali Rohár) - Don't touch PCIe registers if no card connected (Pali Rohár) Marvell MVEBU PCIe controller driver: - Setup BAR0 in order to fix MSI (Shmuel Hazan) Microsoft Hyper-V host bridge driver: - Fix a timing issue which causes kdump to fail occasionally (Wei Hu) - Make some functions static (Wei Yongjun) NVIDIA Tegra PCIe controller driver: - Revert tegra124 raw_violation_fixup (Nicolas Chauvet) - Remove PLL power supplies (Thierry Reding) Qualcomm PCIe controller driver: - Change duplicate PCI reset to phy reset (Abhishek Sahu) - Add missing ipq806x clocks in PCIe driver (Ansuel Smith) - Add missing reset for ipq806x (Ansuel Smith) - Add ext reset (Ansuel Smith) - Use bulk clk API and assert on error (Ansuel Smith) - Add support for tx term offset for rev 2.1.0 (Ansuel Smith) - Define some PARF params needed for ipq8064 SoC (Ansuel Smith) - Add ipq8064 rev2 variant (Ansuel Smith) - Support PCI speed set for ipq806x (Sham Muthayyan) Renesas R-Car PCIe controller driver: - Use devm_pci_alloc_host_bridge() (Rob Herring) - Use struct list directly (Rob Herring) - Convert rcar-gen2 to use modern host bridge probe functions (Rob Herring) TI J721E PCIe driver: - Add TI J721E PCIe host and endpoint driver (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) Xilinx Versal CPM PCIe controller driver: - Add Versal CPM Root Port driver and YAML schema (Bharat Kumar Gogada) MicroSemi Switchtec management driver: - Add missing __iomem and __user tags to fix sparse warnings (Logan Gunthorpe) Miscellaneous: - Replace http:// links with https:// (Alexander A. Klimov) - Replace, spinics, gmane with (Bjorn Helgaas) - Remove unused pci_lost_interrupt() (Heiner Kallweit) - Move PCI_VENDOR_ID_REDHAT definition to pci_ids.h (Huacai Chen) - Fix kerneldoc warnings (Krzysztof Kozlowski)" * tag 'pci-v5.9-changes' of git:// (113 commits) PCI: Fix kerneldoc warnings PCI: xilinx-cpm: Add Versal CPM Root Port driver PCI: xilinx-cpm: Add YAML schemas for Versal CPM Root Port PCI: Set bridge map_irq and swizzle_irq to default functions PCI: Move DT resource setup into devm_pci_alloc_host_bridge() PCI: rcar-gen2: Convert to use modern host bridge probe functions PCI: Remove dev_err() when handing an error from platform_get_irq() MAINTAINERS: Add Kishon Vijay Abraham I for TI J721E SoC PCIe misc: pci_endpoint_test: Add J721E in pci_device_id table PCI: j721e: Add TI J721E PCIe driver PCI: switchtec: Add missing __iomem tag to fix sparse warnings PCI: switchtec: Add missing __iomem and __user tags to fix sparse warnings PCI: rpadlpar: Make functions static PCI/P2PDMA: Allow P2PDMA on AMD Zen and newer CPUs PCI: Release IVRS table in AMD ACS quirk PCI: Announce device after early fixups PCI: Mark AMD Navi10 GPU rev 0x00 ATS as broken PCI: Remove unused pci_lost_interrupt() dt-bindings: PCI: Add EP mode dt-bindings for TI's J721E SoC dt-bindings: PCI: Add host mode dt-bindings for TI's J721E SoC ...
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diff --git a/samples/vfio-mdev/mdpy-defs.h b/samples/vfio-mdev/mdpy-defs.h
index eb26421b6429..961c55ec3ffd 100644
--- a/samples/vfio-mdev/mdpy-defs.h
+++ b/samples/vfio-mdev/mdpy-defs.h
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
/* pci ids */
-#define MDPY_PCI_VENDOR_ID 0x1b36 /* redhat */
#define MDPY_PCI_DEVICE_ID 0x000f