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Merge tag 'drm-intel-next-2012-05-06-merged' of git:// into drm-core-next
Daniel says Highlights: - sparse fixes from Ben. - tons of little cleanups from Chris all over: tiling_changed clarification, deferred_free list removal, ... - fix up irq handler on gen2 & gen3 + related cleanups from Chris - prep work for wait_rendering_timeout from Ben with some nice refactorings - first set of infoframe fixes from Paulo for doubleclocked CEA modes - improve pch pll handling from Jesse and Chris - gpu hangman, this also contains the reset fix for gen4 - rps sanity check from Chris - this papers over issues when the gpu fails to clock up on snb/ivb, and it is shockingly easy to hit. The code prints a big WARN backtrace and restores the hw to a sane state. The real fix is still in the works. Atm I'm aware of 2 regressions in -next: - One of the gmbus patches (not gmbus itself) regressed lvds detection on a MacbookPro. I've analyzed the bug already and I think I know what's going on, patch is awaiting test feedback. - Just today QA reported that DP on ilk regressed. That bug is fresh of the press and still awaiting detailed logfiles and the bisect result. The only thing that's clear atm is that -fixes works and -next doesn't.
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