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Merge tag 'drm-next-5.3-2019-06-25' of git:// into drm-next
drm-next-5.3-2019-06-25: Merge drm-next amdgpu: - SR-IOV L1 policy fixes - Removed no longer needed vram_page_split module parameter - Add module parameter to override default ABM level - Gamma fixes - No need to check return values for debugfs - Improve HMM error handling - Avoid possible OOM situations when lots of thread are submitting with memory contention - Improve hw i2c access abritration - DSC (Display Stream Compression) support in DC - Initial navi10 support * DC support * GFX/Compute support * SDMA support * Power Management support * VCN support - Static checker fixes - Misc cleanups - fix long udelay on arm amdkfd: - Implement priority controls for gfx9 - Enable VEGAM - Rework mqd allocation and init - Circular locking fix - Fix SDMA queue allocation race condition - No need to check return values for debugfs - Add proc style process information - Initial navi10 support radeon: - No need to check return values for debugfs UAPI changes: - GDDR6 added to vram type query - New Navi10 details added gpu info query - Navi family added to asic family query Signed-off-by: Dave Airlie <> From: Alex Deucher <> Link:
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