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snd/hda: add runtime suspend/resume on optimus support (v4)
Add support for HDMI audio device on VGA cards that powerdown to D3cold using non-standard ACPI/PCI infrastructure (optimus). This does a couple of things to make it work: a) add a set of power ops for the hdmi domain, and enables them via vga_switcheroo when we are a switcheroo controlled card. This just replaces the runtime resume operation so that when the card is in D3cold the userspace pci config space access via sysfs, the vga switcheroon runtime resume gets called first and it calls the GPU resume callback before calling the sound card runtime resume. b) standard ACPI/PCI stacks won't put a device into D3cold without an ACPI handle, but since the hdmi audio devices on gpus don't have an ACPI handle, we need to manually force the device into D3cold after suspend from the switcheroo path only. c) don't try and do runtime s/r when the GPU is off. d) call runtime suspend/resume during switcheroo suspend/resume this is to make sure the runtime stack knows to try and resume the hdmi audio device for pci config space access. v2: fix incorrect runtime call suspend->resume. v3: rework irq handler to avoid false irq when we are resuming but haven't runtime resumed yet, don't bother trying D3cold, it won't work, just set it manually ourselves, move runtime s/r calls outside the main s/r hook. enable dnyamic pm properly by dropping reference. v4: put back irq handler check just wrap it with cap check Acked-by: Takashi Iwai <> Signed-off-by: Dave Airlie <>
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