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Merge tag '5.0-rc3-smb3-fixes' of git://
Pull smb3 fixes from Steve French: "A set of small smb3 fixes, some fixing various crediting issues discovered during xfstest runs, five for stable" * tag '5.0-rc3-smb3-fixes' of git:// cifs: print CIFSMaxBufSize as part of /proc/fs/cifs/DebugData smb3: add credits we receive from oplock/break PDUs CIFS: Fix mounts if the client is low on credits CIFS: Do not assume one credit for async responses CIFS: Fix credit calculations in compound mid callback CIFS: Fix credit calculation for encrypted reads with errors CIFS: Fix credits calculations for reads with errors CIFS: Do not reconnect TCP session in add_credits() smb3: Cleanup license mess CIFS: Fix possible hang during async MTU reads and writes cifs: fix memory leak of an allocated cifs_ntsd structure
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