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Pull rdma updates from Jason Gunthorpe: "This has been a fairly typical cycle, with the usual sorts of driver updates. Several series continue to come through which improve and modernize various parts of the core code, and we finally are starting to get the uAPI command interface cleaned up. - Various driver fixes for bnxt_re, cxgb3/4, hfi1, hns, i40iw, mlx4, mlx5, qib, rxe, usnic - Rework the entire syscall flow for uverbs to be able to run over ioctl(). Finally getting past the historic bad choice to use write() for command execution - More functional coverage with the mlx5 'devx' user API - Start of the HFI1 series for 'TID RDMA' - SRQ support in the hns driver - Support for new IBTA defined 2x lane widths - A big series to consolidate all the driver function pointers into a big struct and have drivers provide a 'static const' version of the struct instead of open coding initialization - New 'advise_mr' uAPI to control device caching/loading of page tables - Support for inline data in SRPT - Modernize how umad uses the driver core and creates cdev's and sysfs files - First steps toward removing 'uobject' from the view of the drivers" * tag 'for-linus' of git:// (193 commits) RDMA/srpt: Use kmem_cache_free() instead of kfree() RDMA/mlx5: Signedness bug in UVERBS_HANDLER() IB/uverbs: Signedness bug in UVERBS_HANDLER() IB/mlx5: Allocate the per-port Q counter shared when DEVX is supported IB/umad: Start using dev_groups of class IB/umad: Use class_groups and let core create class file IB/umad: Refactor code to use cdev_device_add() IB/umad: Avoid destroying device while it is accessed IB/umad: Simplify and avoid dynamic allocation of class IB/mlx5: Fix wrong error unwind IB/mlx4: Remove set but not used variable 'pd' RDMA/iwcm: Don't copy past the end of dev_name() string IB/mlx5: Fix long EEH recover time with NVMe offloads IB/mlx5: Simplify netdev unbinding IB/core: Move query port to ioctl RDMA/nldev: Expose port_cap_flags2 IB/core: uverbs copy to struct or zero helper IB/rxe: Reuse code which sets port state IB/rxe: Make counters thread safe IB/mlx5: Use the correct commands for UMEM and UCTX allocation ...
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