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authorCharan Teja Reddy <>2021-01-05 20:06:39 +0530
committerThomas Zimmermann <>2021-01-07 13:40:30 +0100
commit05cd84691eafcd7959a1e120d5e72c0dd98c5d91 (patch)
parente71ba9452f0b5b2e8dc8aa5445198cd9214a6a62 (diff)
dmabuf: fix use-after-free of dmabuf's file->f_inode
It is observed 'use-after-free' on the dmabuf's file->f_inode with the race between closing the dmabuf file and reading the dmabuf's debug info. Consider the below scenario where P1 is closing the dma_buf file and P2 is reading the dma_buf's debug info in the system: P1 P2 dma_buf_debug_show() dma_buf_put() __fput() file->f_op->release() dput() .... dentry_unlink_inode() iput(dentry->d_inode) (where the inode is freed) mutex_lock(&db_list.lock) read 'dma_buf->file->f_inode' (the same inode is freed by P1) mutex_unlock(&db_list.lock) dentry->d_op->d_release()--> dma_buf_release() ..... mutex_lock(&db_list.lock) removes the dmabuf from the list mutex_unlock(&db_list.lock) In the above scenario, when dma_buf_put() is called on a dma_buf, it first frees the dma_buf's file->f_inode(=dentry->d_inode) and then removes this dma_buf from the system db_list. In between P2 traversing the db_list tries to access this dma_buf's file->f_inode that was freed by P1 which is a use-after-free case. Since, __fput() calls f_op->release first and then later calls the d_op->d_release, move the dma_buf's db_list removal from d_release() to f_op->release(). This ensures that dma_buf's file->f_inode is not accessed after it is released. Cc: <> # 5.4.x- Fixes: 4ab59c3c638c ("dma-buf: Move dma_buf_release() from fops to dentry_ops") Acked-by: Christian K├Ânig <> Signed-off-by: Charan Teja Reddy <> Signed-off-by: Sumit Semwal <> Signed-off-by: Thomas Zimmermann <> Link:
1 files changed, 17 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/dma-buf/dma-buf.c b/drivers/dma-buf/dma-buf.c
index e63684d4cd90..9ad6397aaa97 100644
--- a/drivers/dma-buf/dma-buf.c
+++ b/drivers/dma-buf/dma-buf.c
@@ -76,10 +76,6 @@ static void dma_buf_release(struct dentry *dentry)
- mutex_lock(&db_list.lock);
- list_del(&dmabuf->list_node);
- mutex_unlock(&db_list.lock);
if (dmabuf->resv == (struct dma_resv *)&dmabuf[1])
@@ -88,6 +84,22 @@ static void dma_buf_release(struct dentry *dentry)
+static int dma_buf_file_release(struct inode *inode, struct file *file)
+ struct dma_buf *dmabuf;
+ if (!is_dma_buf_file(file))
+ return -EINVAL;
+ dmabuf = file->private_data;
+ mutex_lock(&db_list.lock);
+ list_del(&dmabuf->list_node);
+ mutex_unlock(&db_list.lock);
+ return 0;
static const struct dentry_operations dma_buf_dentry_ops = {
.d_dname = dmabuffs_dname,
.d_release = dma_buf_release,
@@ -413,6 +425,7 @@ static void dma_buf_show_fdinfo(struct seq_file *m, struct file *file)
static const struct file_operations dma_buf_fops = {
+ .release = dma_buf_file_release,
.mmap = dma_buf_mmap_internal,
.llseek = dma_buf_llseek,
.poll = dma_buf_poll,