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vga_switcheroo: initial implementation (v15)
Many new laptops now come with 2 gpus, one to be used for low power modes and one for gaming/on-ac applications. These GPUs are typically wired to the laptop panel and VGA ports via a multiplexer unit which is controlled via ACPI methods. 4 combinations of systems typically exist - with 2 ACPI methods. Intel/ATI - Lenovo W500/T500 - use ATPX ACPI method ATI/ATI - some ASUS - use ATPX ACPI Method Intel/Nvidia - - use _DSM ACPI method Nvidia/Nvidia - - use _DSM ACPI method. TODO: This patch adds support for the ATPX method and initial bits for the _DSM methods that need to written by someone with access to the hardware. Add a proper non-debugfs interface - need to get some proper testing first. v2: add power up/down support for both devices on W500 puts i915/radeon into D3 and cuts power to radeon. v3: redo probing methods, no DMI list, drm devices call to register with switcheroo, it tries to find an ATPX method on any device and once there is two devices + ATPX it inits the switcher. v4: ATPX msg handling using buffers - should work on more machines v5: rearchitect after more mjg59 discussion - move ATPX handling to radeon driver. v6: add file headers + initial nouveau bits (to be filled out). v7: merge delayed switcher code. v8: avoid suspend/resume of gpu that is off v9: rearchitect - mjg59 is always right. - move all ATPX code to radeon, should allow simpler DSM also proper ATRM handling v10: add ATRM support for radeon BIOS, add mutex to lock vgasr_priv v11: fix bug in resuming Intel for 2nd time. v12: start fixing up nvidia code blindly. v13: blindly guess at finishing nvidia code v14: remove radeon audio hacks - fix up intel resume more like upstream v15: clean up printks + remove unnecessary igd/dis pointers mount debugfs /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch - should exist if ATPX detected + 2 cards. DIS - immediate change to discrete IGD - immediate change to IGD DDIS - delayed change to discrete DIGD - delayed change to IGD ON - turn on not in use OFF - turn off not in use Tested on W500 (Intel/ATI) and T500 (Intel/ATI) Signed-off-by: Dave Airlie <>
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@@ -8,3 +8,16 @@ config VGA_ARB
are accessed at same time they need some kind of coordination. Please
see Documentation/vgaarbiter.txt for more details. Select this to
enable VGA arbiter.
+ bool "Laptop Hybrid Grapics - GPU switching support"
+ default y
+ depends on X86
+ depends on ACPI
+ help
+ Many laptops released in 2008/9/10 have two gpus with a multiplxer
+ to switch between them. This adds support for dynamic switching when
+ X isn't running and delayed switching until the next logoff. This
+ features is called hybrid graphics, ATI PowerXpress, and Nvidia
+ HybridPower.