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Merge tag 'omapdrm-4.17' of git:// into drm-next
omapdrm patches for v4.17 * Fix sparse warnings from omapdrm * HPD support for DVI connector * Big cleanup to remove static variables * tag 'omapdrm-4.17' of git:// (69 commits) drm/omap: fix compile error when DPI is disabled drm/omap: fix compile error when debugfs is disabled drm: omapdrm: displays: panel-dsi-cm: Fix field access before set drm/omap: cleanup color space conversion drm/omap: Allow HDMI audio setup even if we do not have video configured drm/omap: fix maximum sizes drm/omap: add writeback funcs to dispc_ops drm/omap: fix scaling limits for WB drm/omap: fix WB height with interlace drm/omap: fix WBDELAYCOUNT with interlace drm/omap: fix WBDELAYCOUNT for HDMI drm/omap: set WB channel-in in wb_setup() drm/omap: Add pclk setting case when channel is DSS_WB drm/omap: dispc: disp_wb_setup to check return code drm/omap: remove leftover enums dt-bindings: display: add HPD gpio to DVI connector drm/omap: add HPD support to connector-dvi drm/omap: Init fbdev emulation only when we have displays drm/omap: cleanup fbdev init/free drm/omap: fix omap_fbdev_free() when omap_fbdev_create() wasn't called ...
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