AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
30 hoursMerge drm/drm-next into drm-intel-nextfor-linux-nextdrm-intel-nextRodrigo Vivi230-12804/+18881
30 hoursdrm/i915: split fdi code out from intel_display.cDave Airlie5-682/+718
30 hoursdrm/i915: refactor pll code out into intel_dpll.cDave Airlie6-1391/+1414
31 hoursdrm/i915: refactor some crtc code out of intel display. (v2)Dave Airlie4-304/+349
36 hoursdrm/i915: Only enable DFP 4:4:4->4:2:0 conversion when outputting YCbCr 4:4:4Ville Syrjälä1-2/+2
38 hoursdrm/i915: Pass port to intel_panel_bl_funcs.get()Lyude Paul4-27/+21
42 hoursdrm/i915: Try to guess PCH type even without ISA bridgeZhenyu Wang2-18/+28
44 hoursdrm/i915/display: Bitwise or the conversion colour specifier togetherChris Wilson1-2/+2
48 hoursMerge tag 'drm-intel-gt-next-2021-01-14' of git:// Airlie130-11506/+12925
2 daysMerge tag 'drm-intel-next-2021-01-12' of git:// Airlie24-97/+396
2 daysMerge tag 'amd-drm-next-5.12-2021-01-08' of Airlie100-1298/+5956
2 daysdrm/i915: Drop one more useless master_transcoder assignmentVille Syrjälä1-2/+0
3 daysdrm/i915/dg1: Apply WA 1409120013 and 14011059788José Roberto de Souza1-5/+7
3 daysdrm/i915/selftests: fix the uint*_t types that have crept indrm-intel-gt-next-2021-01-14Jani Nikula1-5/+5
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: rename intel_dp_init_panel_power_sequencer* functionsJani Nikula1-21/+16
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: rename vlv_init_panel_power_sequencer to vlv_pps_initJani Nikula3-5/+5
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: add locked intel_pps_wait_power_cycleJani Nikula3-9/+14
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: rename intel_power_sequencer_reset to intel_pps_reset_allJani Nikula3-6/+5
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: rename intel_dp_check_edp to intel_pps_check_power_unlockedJani Nikula3-3/+3
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: abstract intel_pps_encoder_reset()Jani Nikula3-19/+25
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: add higher level intel_pps_init() callJani Nikula3-12/+17
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: abstract intel_pps_vdd_off_syncJani Nikula3-30/+21
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: rename edp_panel_* to intel_pps_*_unlockedJani Nikula3-26/+26
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: rename intel_edp_panel_* to intel_pps_*Jani Nikula4-24/+22
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: rename intel_edp_backlight_* to intel_pps_backlight_*Jani Nikula3-11/+11
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: rename pps_{,un}lock -> intel_pps_{,un}lockJani Nikula3-24/+25
3 daysdrm/i915/pps: abstract panel power sequencer from intel_dp.cJani Nikula7-1343/+1397
3 daysdrm/i915/display: fix the uint*_t types that have crept inJani Nikula4-4/+4
3 daysdrm/i915/display: remove useless use of inlineJani Nikula1-1/+1
3 daysdrm/i915/gt: Rearrange ivb workaroundsChris Wilson1-71/+47
3 daysdrm/i915/gt: Rearrange vlv workaroundsChris Wilson1-44/+51
3 daysdrm/i915/gt: Replace open-coded intel_engine_stop_cs()Chris Wilson2-26/+14
3 daysdrm/i915/selftests: Bump the scheduling error threshold for fast heartbeatsChris Wilson1-3/+10
3 daysdrm/i915/selftests: Force a failed engine resetChris Wilson1-0/+144
4 daysdrm/i915/dp: Fix LTTPR vswing/pre-emp setting in non-transparent modeImre Deak3-10/+14
4 daysdrm/i915/dp: Move intel_dp_set_signal_levels() to intel_dp_link_training.cImre Deak4-21/+20
4 daysdrm/i915/guc: stop calling execlists_set_default_submissionDaniele Ceraolo Spurio4-26/+48
4 daysdrm/i915/guc: init engine directly in GuC submission modeDaniele Ceraolo Spurio3-11/+219
4 daysdrm/i915/guc: do not dump execlists state with GuC submissionDaniele Ceraolo Spurio1-1/+3
4 daysdrm/i915/guc: Delete GuC code unused in future patchesMatthew Brost3-190/+3
4 daysdrm/i915/hdcp: Enable HDCP 2.2 MST supportAnshuman Gupta1-1/+1
4 daysdrm/i915/hdcp: Configure HDCP2.2 MST steram encryption statusAnshuman Gupta1-1/+50
4 daysdrm/i915/hdcp: Support for HDCP 2.2 MST shim callbacksAnshuman Gupta2-8/+85
4 daysdrm/i915/hdcp: Add HDCP 2.2 stream registerAnshuman Gupta1-0/+39
4 daysdrm/i915/hdcp: Pass connector to check_2_2_linkAnshuman Gupta4-4/+7
4 daysdrm/i915/hdcp: MST streams support in hdcp port_dataAnshuman Gupta2-15/+102
4 daysdrm/hdcp: Max MST content streamsAnshuman Gupta1-4/+4
4 daysmisc/mei/hdcp: Fix AUTH_STREAM_REQ cmd buffer lenAnshuman Gupta1-2/+1
4 daysdrm/i915/hdcp: Encapsulate hdcp_port_data to dig_portAnshuman Gupta3-24/+39
4 daysdrm/i915/hdcp: Pass dig_port to intel_hdcp_initAnshuman Gupta4-9/+13