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2011-02-24Allow X11 autolaunch to be disabled even if the headers/libraries are thereSimon McVittie1-1/+1
In an embedded system where the D-Bus session is a core part of the environment, like Maemo, accidentally auto-launching a second session bus (for instance for a concurrent ssh session) is a bad idea - it can lead to a "split brain" situation where half the applications in the GUI are using a different bus. In these controlled environments, it'd be useful to prevent autolaunch from ever happening. (As a side benefit, the changes to also mean that packagers can explicitly --enable-x11-autolaunch, to make sure that failure to find X will make compilation fail cleanly.) Bug: Bug-NB: NB#219964
2011-02-17Import compiler.m4 and from telepathy-glib, and use them to replace gcovSimon McVittie1-1/+1
Reviewed-by: Colin Walters <> Bug:
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* doc/dbus-specification.xml, doc/dbus-faq.xml, README: various documentation updates. Bump faq/spec versions (not to 1.0; I don't think the spec will be "finished"/1.0 when we ship the 1.0 library).
2006-08-25- document --enable-kqueueJohn (J5) Palmieri1-1/+1
2006-07-21* Removed some extra bindings stuff lingering around (thanks timo)John (J5) Palmieri1-12/+0
* dbus-pendingcall.c (_dbus_pending_call_new): s/dbus_connection_ref/_dbus_connection_ref_unlocked fixes assertion when we tried to take a lock on an already locked connection
2006-04-242006-04-24 John (J5) Palmieri <>John (J5) Palmieri1-13/+30
* README, INSTALL: Doc fixes Patch from Brad Hards <bradh at>
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2003-04-292003-04-29 Havoc Pennington <>Havoc Pennington1-34/+55
*, rename these from, As these change with the parallel install API version, not with the D-BUS package version. * HACKING: move some of README over here * README: updates, and document API/ABI policy * reindentation
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