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2005-03-29* News: Update 0.32dbus-0.32.0John (J5) Palmieri3-2/+18
2005-03-29* python/ - removed. Patch has beenJohn (J5) Palmieri3-85/+9
2005-03-242005-03-24 Daniel Reed <>Colin Walters2-0/+7
2005-03-24add colin to patch approver list (the list is really wonky/out-of-date in mor...Havoc Pennington1-1/+1
2005-03-22* tools/ Patch by Colin Walters that fixes distcheckJohn (J5) Palmieri5-8/+67
2005-03-21* python/ - added post processor to fix PyrexJohn (J5) Palmieri3-2/+94
2005-03-212005-03-20 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters2-2/+8
2005-03-212005-03-20 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters2-2/+6
2005-03-172005-03-17 Tom Parker <>Colin Walters3-3/+4
2005-03-172005-03-17 Tom Parker <>Colin Walters3-4/+20
2005-03-17*** empty log message ***Colin Walters1-1/+1
2005-03-172005-03-17 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters11-72/+77
2005-03-172005-03-14 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters3-22/+34
2005-03-152005-03-15 Joe Shaw <>Joe Shaw2-4/+11
2005-03-132005-03-13 Joe Shaw <>Joe Shaw1-4/+10
2005-03-132005-03-12 Joe Shaw <>Joe Shaw2-2/+5
2005-03-132005-03-12 Joe Shaw <>Joe Shaw2-0/+6
2005-03-132005-03-12 Joe Shaw <>Joe Shaw2-2/+5
2005-03-132005-03-12 Joe Shaw <>Joe Shaw1-0/+8
2005-03-13*** empty log message ***Joe Shaw1-4/+38
2005-03-122005-03-12 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters7-73/+132
2005-03-122005-03-11 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters11-71/+232
2005-03-112005-03-11 Joe Shaw <>Joe Shaw2-2/+11
2005-03-092005-03-09 Joe Shaw <>Joe Shaw2-1/+12
2005-03-092005-03-09 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters15-190/+509
2005-03-092005-03-08 Joe Shaw <>Joe Shaw8-111/+217
2005-03-082005-03-08 Joe Shaw <>Joe Shaw6-4/+51
2005-03-07* Bump version number after makeing a releaseJohn (J5) Palmieri1-1/+1
2005-03-07* NEWS: Update for 0.31dbus-0.31.0John (J5) Palmieri6-9/+71
2005-03-052005-03-05 Havoc Pennington <>Havoc Pennington3-10/+24
2005-03-022005-03-01 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters3-150/+143
2005-03-012005-03-01 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters2-2/+4
2005-02-272005-02-27 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters13-240/+199
2005-02-262005-02-26 Havoc Pennington <>Havoc Pennington19-202/+553
2005-02-252005-02-25 Havoc Pennington <>Havoc Pennington13-48/+204
2005-02-242005-02-24 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters2-1/+5
2005-02-24glib/ added dbus-gobject.h to sources listJohn (J5) Palmieri2-0/+6
2005-02-24remove the todo item I just didHavoc Pennington1-2/+0
2005-02-24dohHavoc Pennington1-0/+50
2005-02-242005-02-24 Havoc Pennington <>Havoc Pennington12-117/+167
2005-02-242005-02-24 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters15-91/+638
2005-02-23python/ (PendingCall::get_reply):John (J5) Palmieri2-1/+8
2005-02-212005-02-21 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters4-108/+80
2005-02-212005-02-20 Havoc Pennington <>Havoc Pennington4-20/+196
2005-02-192005-02-19 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters4-39/+114
2005-02-19add TODO about global shared connectionsHavoc Pennington1-0/+16
2005-02-192005-02-19 Havoc Pennington <>Havoc Pennington4-8/+22
2005-02-182005-02-17 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters4-4/+15
2005-02-17*** empty log message ***Colin Walters1-0/+10
2005-02-172005-02-17 Colin Walters <>Colin Walters5-2/+12