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Configuration flags
-When using autools the dbus-specific configuration flags that can be given to
-the ./configure program are these
- --enable-tests enable unit test code
- --enable-verbose-mode support verbose debug mode
- --enable-asserts include assertion checks
- --enable-checks include sanity checks on public API
- --enable-xml-docs build XML documentation (requires xmlto)
- --enable-doxygen-docs build DOXYGEN documentation (requires Doxygen)
- --enable-compiler-coverage compile with coverage profiling instrumentation (gcc only)
- --enable-abstract-sockets use abstract socket namespace (linux only)
- --enable-selinux build with SELinux support
- --enable-dnotify build with dnotify support (linux only)
- --enable-kqueue build with kqueue support (*BSD only)
- --with-xml=libxml/expat XML library to use
- --with-init-scripts=redhat Style of init scripts to install
- --with-session-socket-dir=dirname Where to put sockets for the per-login-session message bus
- --with-test-socket-dir=dirname Where to put sockets for make check
- --with-system-pid-file=pidfile PID file for systemwide daemon
- --with-system-socket=filename UNIX domain socket for systemwide daemon
- --with-console-auth-dir=dirname directory to check for console ownerhip
- --with-dbus-user=<user> User for running the DBUS daemon (messagebus)
- --with-gnu-ld assume the C compiler uses GNU ld [default=no]
- --with-tags[=TAGS] include additional configurations [automatic]
- --with-x use the X Window System
+When using autotools, run "./configure --help" to see the possible
+configuration options and environment variables.
When using the cmake build system the dbus-specific configuration flags that can be given
to the cmake program are these (use -D<key>=<value> on command line)