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Allow X11 autolaunch to be disabled even if the headers/libraries are there
In an embedded system where the D-Bus session is a core part of the environment, like Maemo, accidentally auto-launching a second session bus (for instance for a concurrent ssh session) is a bad idea - it can lead to a "split brain" situation where half the applications in the GUI are using a different bus. In these controlled environments, it'd be useful to prevent autolaunch from ever happening. (As a side benefit, the changes to also mean that packagers can explicitly --enable-x11-autolaunch, to make sure that failure to find X will make compilation fail cleanly.) Bug: Bug-NB: NB#219964
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@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ to the cmake program are these (use -D<key>=<value> on command line)
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE set dbus build mode - one of Debug|Release|RelWithDebInfo|MinSizeRel
DBUS_BUILD_TESTS enable unit test code default=ON
- DBUS_BUILD_X11 Build X11-dependent code default=ON
+ DBUS_BUILD_X11 Build with X11 autolaunch support default=ON
HAVE_CONSOLE_OWNER_FILE enable console owner file (solaris only) ) default=ON
DBUS_DISABLE_ASSERTS Disable assertion checking default=OFF
DBUS_DISABLE_CHECKS Disable public API sanity checking default=OFF