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* Removed some extra bindings stuff lingering around (thanks timo)
* dbus-pendingcall.c (_dbus_pending_call_new): s/dbus_connection_ref/_dbus_connection_ref_unlocked fixes assertion when we tried to take a lock on an already locked connection
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@@ -19,12 +19,6 @@ Configuration flags
These are the dbus-specific configuration flags that can be given to
the ./configure program.
- --enable-qt enable Qt-friendly client library (note: Qt4)
- --enable-qt-debug enable Qt-friendly client library, linked to debug
- Qt libraries
- --enable-qt3 enable Qt3-friendly client library
- --enable-glib enable GLib-friendly client library
- --enable-gtk enable GTK-requiring executables
--enable-tests enable unit test code
--enable-ansi enable -ansi -pedantic gcc flags
--enable-verbose-mode support verbose debug mode
@@ -35,15 +29,9 @@ the ./configure program.
--enable-gcov compile with coverage profiling instrumentation (gcc only)
use abstract socket namespace (linux only)
- --enable-gcj build gcj bindings
- --enable-mono build mono bindings
- --enable-mono-docs build mono docs
- --enable-python build python bindings
--enable-selinux build with SELinux support
--enable-dnotify build with dnotify support (linux only)
- --with-qt-moc=<path> moc for Qt
- --with-qt3-moc=<path> moc for Qt3
--with-xml=libxml/expat XML library to use
--with-init-scripts=redhat Style of init scripts to install
--with-session-socket-dir=dirname Where to put sockets for the per-login-session message bus