AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
14 daysgallium: Fix i915 pipe-loader buildJanne Grunau1-2/+1
2023-11-16zink: allow software rendering only if selectedJosé Expósito1-0/+6
2023-10-06egl/wayland: return sooner from swrast_update_buffers() if zinkMike Blumenkrantz1-9/+7
2023-10-06egl/wayland: don't block in swrast when updating buffers for zinkMike Blumenkrantz1-2/+2
2023-10-06Revert "egl/wayland: Add image loader extension for swrast"Mike Blumenkrantz1-1/+0
2023-09-19egl/swrast: expose EXT_swap_buffers_with_damage and EXT_present_opaqueMike Blumenkrantz1-0/+3
2023-07-28egl/drm: Use IMAGE_DRIVER instead of DRI2_LOADERDaniel Stone3-167/+16
2023-07-28egl/wayland: Add image loader extension for swrastDaniel Stone1-0/+1
2023-07-28egl/dri2: Don't look up image extension twiceDaniel Stone1-1/+1
2023-07-19egl/wayland: wait for compositor to release shm buffersRobert Mader1-5/+9
2023-06-15meson: Remove reference to removed SWR driverMatt Turner1-1/+1
2023-05-20asahi: Drop Asahi-as-a-swrast hackAlyssa Rosenzweig4-69/+3
2023-05-20gallium: Drop Asahi-as-a-swrast hackAlyssa Rosenzweig2-24/+0
2023-03-22egl: don't expose swrast device if swrast is not builtMarek Olšák2-1/+11
2023-03-22egl: reorder code in _eglQueryDevicesEXT, add *swrast variableMarek Olšák1-8/+11
2023-03-14ci: Re-enable some swrast testing using fd.o's shared runners for now.Emma Anholt6-25/+9
2023-03-12CI: Disable mingw jobDaniel Stone1-1/+2
2023-03-10Revert "Revert "ci: disable mesa-swrast runner jobs""Mike Blumenkrantz6-6/+6
2023-03-10Revert "ci: disable mesa-swrast runner jobs"Emma Anholt6-6/+6
2023-03-09ci: disable mesa-swrast runner jobsDavid Heidelberg6-6/+6
2023-02-28intel/vulkan: add missing dependency on generated headersDavid Heidelberg1-0/+1
2023-02-16frontend/dri: Initialize callbacks in dri_swrast_kms_init_screenMichel Dänzer1-0/+4
2023-02-15egl/kopper: Add assert for no kopper in dri2_copy_region.Emma Anholt1-4/+2
2023-02-03ci/swrast: Drop skips for tests whose perf had been fixed.Emma Anholt2-8/+0
2023-01-27egl/dri2: Use primary device in EGL device platform for kms_swrastLepton Wu3-23/+9
2022-12-16egl/wayland: Prefer back buffer with minimum buffer ageMichel Dänzer1-10/+16
2022-12-05dri: Add createNewScreen into the __DRI_MESA extension.Emma Anholt8-34/+30
2022-12-05gbm: Refactor screen creation a bit.Emma Anholt1-86/+42
2022-12-01glx: Require __DRI_SWRAST >= 4 for doing swrast.Emma Anholt1-31/+14
2022-12-01egl: Bump minimum version of __DRI_SWRAST to 4.Emma Anholt1-38/+18
2022-12-01gbm: Bump required __DRI_IMAGE version to 6.Emma Anholt1-5/+3
2022-12-01gbm: Drop support for __DRI_DRI2 < 4 and __DRI_SWRAST < 4.Emma Anholt1-20/+9
2022-11-17Revert "egl/glx: add fallback for zink loading"Michel Dänzer3-40/+12
2022-11-02docs: There is no more swrast driverYonggang Luo2-3/+3
2022-11-02docs: name correct driverErik Faye-Lund1-1/+1
2022-11-02docs: do not mention classic swrastErik Faye-Lund3-4/+4
2022-11-02docs: swr -> OpenSWRErik Faye-Lund1-1/+1
2022-10-22meson: with_glx never assigned to 'gallium-xlib', so need add with_glx == 'xl...Yonggang Luo1-1/+1
2022-09-21frontend/dri: sync glthread when calling from the app sideMarek Olšák6-3/+144
2022-08-19panfrost: Don't segfault on unknown modelsAlyssa Rosenzweig1-7/+18
2022-08-07ci/swrast: Add some flakes I've noticed in the IRC channel.Emma Anholt2-0/+4
2022-07-29gallium: Move -DHAVE_PIPE_LOADER_DRI and -DHAVE_PIPE_LOADER_KMS to be pre_argsYonggang Luo3-7/+8
2022-06-15swrast_kms: use swkmsDRI2Extension instead of driDRI2ExtensionAlexander Kanavin4-12/+12
2022-06-03egl/wayland: manually swap backbuffer when using zinkMike Blumenkrantz1-0/+4
2022-05-26llvmpipe: flush resources for kms swrast path.Dave Airlie1-0/+1
2022-05-16radv: Fixes compiling error with msvcYonggang Luo1-1/+1
2022-04-11zink: remove compiled conditional for lavapipe usageMike Blumenkrantz2-6/+1
2022-04-07egl: implement more hooks for swrastMike Blumenkrantz3-4/+11
2022-04-07kopper: Define the driver interfaceAdam Jackson1-0/+103
2022-03-28glsl/nir/linker: fix shader_storage_blocks_write_accessPierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer2-4/+18