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glitz is unmaintained and the GL surface is far superior anyway.
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Docs only include stable API.
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2006-02-11Adds the BeOS surface functions to the list of functions for which to ↵Christian Biesinger1-0/+1
generate documentation.
2005-08-23Experimental Quartz and XCB backends removed from the public doc for now.Billy Biggs1-2/+4
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Update descriptions and add new files for added sections.
2005-08-18Add an autoconf-generated version file to advertise what cairo version the ↵Billy Biggs1-1/+7
manual was generated for. Idea taken from the GTK+ documentation. Include the version number, along with the title, in a bookinfo section. Add the to the dist. Ignore version.xml. Generate doc/public/version.xml.
2005-08-10Fix id to be cairo rather than libglade. (Thanks to Christian Biesinger).Carl Worth1-1/+1
2005-08-05Ignore cairo-clip-private.h.Carl Worth1-1/+0
Drop non-existent cairo-atsui.xml. Fix misnamed parameters in comment blocks. Include config.h so HAVE_UNISTD_H gets picked up as necessary.
2005-05-06src/cairo.[ch] doc/public/cairo-sections.txt: Add cairo_paint_with_alpha().Owen Taylor1-6/+2
Fix segfault when mask == NULL. test/mask.c test/mask-ref.png: Add testing of cairo_paint_with_alpha(). test/coverage.c test/coverage-ref.png: Remove ... it's not testing anything that mask doesn't test better.
2005-04-13src/cairoint.h src/cairo-traps.c: Add _cairo_traps_extract_region for ↵Owen Taylor1-0/+3
converting trapezoids into a pixman region. Represent all rectangular pixel-aligned regions as regions, not just single rectangles. Split into manageable pieces, optimize rectangular pixel- aligned regions by using _cairo_surface_fill_rectangles() or _cairo_surface_set_clip_region() as appropriate. tests/trap-clip.c tests/trap-clip-ref.png tests/ Add a test for trapezoids clipping. Add an index.
2005-04-11src/cairo.h doc/public/cairo-sections.txt src/cairo-matrix.c: Update.Owen Taylor1-0/+1
Include cairo-font.xml
2005-03-08Look for png images in ${srcdir}/filename as well, so that make distcheck ↵Carl Worth1-0/+1
can still find them. Add romedalen.png to EXTRA_DIST so the tests can pass from the tar file. Fix typo: cairo-win3 -> cairo-win32. Add cairo-win32.xml to the list, so it gets generated as well. Add pointer to new win32 documentation. docs/ docs/public/*: Add framework for ↵Owen Taylor1-0/+30
doing docs via gtk-doc. src/cairo.[ch] src/cairo-matrix.c: Add some inline docs for arcs and matrices. gtk-doc.m4 acinclude.m4: Check in files from gtk-doc to make the dependency on gtk-doc optional. Add --enable-gtk-doc to the default args.