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2008-09-06[CODING_STYLE] Add vim modelineChris Wilson1-1/+15
Add my vim recipe that most closely matches the coding style. If you can improve it, please do so!
2008-09-02Revamp the build system.Behdad Esfahbod1-1/+8
Quick summary of changes: - Move list of cairo source files out of src/ and into src/, - Generate files src/ and src/ that choose the right set of source files and headers based on configured backends and features. This drastically simplifies building using other build systems. The src/Makefile.win32 file needs to be updated to reflect these changes. - Add README files to various directories, - Add toplevel HACKING file.
2007-06-29[fix] Avoid int overflow when allocating large buffersVladimir Vukicevic1-0/+25
This patch introduces three macros: _cairo_malloc_ab, _cairo_malloc_abc, _cairo_malloc_ab_plus_c and replaces various calls to malloc(a*b), malloc(a*b*c), and malloc(a*b+c) with them. The macros return NULL if int overflow would occur during the allocation. See CODING_STYLE for more information.
2006-06-06CODING_STYLE: Fix misspellings.Carl Worth1-2/+2
2006-06-06CODING_STYLE: Add notes on avoiding trailing whitespace.Carl Worth1-3/+17
2005-12-16Globally rename "operator" to "op", to allow writing backends in C++Christian Biesinger1-1/+1
reviewed by: cworth
2005-08-23Revise the description of indentation and tabs to be clear (I hope).Carl Worth1-5/+24
2005-07-07Add a missing word.Carl Worth1-2/+2
Note that the BadMatch bug has been resolved.
2005-06-03Fix spelling errors.Carl Worth1-3/+3
2005-06-03Fix Freudian unwrapped line in paragraph describing why long lines should be ↵Carl Worth1-2/+3
2005-06-03Add CODING_STYLE document to standardize on some style issues.Carl Worth1-0/+211
Standardize brace handling around all else clauses according to new CODING_STYLE guidelines.