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2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_5_1SNAPSHOT_0_5_1Carl Worth64-1671/+3955
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_5_0SNAPSHOT_0_5_0Carl Worth201-33188/+19669
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_4_0SNAPSHOT_0_4_0Carl Worth256-13085/+21968
2006-02-13Remove pixman and revert tessellation bug from SNAPSHOT_0_3_0SNAPSHOT_0_3_0Carl Worth89-1644/+13213
2006-02-13Remove pixman and revert tessellation bug from SNAPSHOT_0_2_0SNAPSHOT_0_2_0Carl Worth99-4209/+12467
2006-02-13Remove pixman from LGPL_CHANGE_AFTERLGPL_CHANGE_AFTERCarl Worth44-862/+1128
2006-02-13Remove pixman from LGPL_CHANGE_BEFORELGPL_CHANGE_BEFORECarl Worth40-695/+5396
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_1_23SNAPSHOT_0_1_23Carl Worth22-650/+1056
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_1_22SNAPSHOT_0_1_22Carl Worth8-19/+43
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_1_21SNAPSHOT_0_1_21Carl Worth14-49/+985
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_1_20SNAPSHOT_0_1_20Carl Worth73-2243/+9706
2006-02-13Remove pixman since it shouldn't exist at this point of the history.SNAPSHOT_0_1_16Carl Worth39-14345/+0
2005-06-20Force distcheck to enable gtk-doc.Carl Worth3-19/+6
2005-06-20Added notes for snapshot 0.5.1Carl Worth3-1/+109
2005-06-20Fix abbreviated ChangeLogCarl Worth1-1/+3
2005-06-20Workaround for Taylor3-14/+300
2005-06-20Make out parameters optional. Style cleanup.Carl Worth2-19/+28
2005-06-20Abstract CAIRO_ALPHA_IS_OPAQUE out for general internal use.Carl Worth4-1/+17
2005-06-20Rip out cairo_set_error_notfiy function as it is clear that it is not the rig...Carl Worth8-179/+12
2005-06-17Remove references to repeat and matrix fields that no longer exist.Carl Worth4-7/+28
2005-06-17Fix width/height typo.Owen Taylor3-2/+8
2005-06-17Remove matrix, filter and repeat from the cairo_surface_t struct.Kristian Høgsberg8-36/+14
2005-06-17cairo_reference and cairo_destroy shouldn't behave differently when cr->statu...Carl Worth2-20/+33
2005-06-17Remove the path clipping entry from the list.Kristian Høgsberg2-3/+4
2005-06-16update documentation build stuffCarl Worth3-0/+6
2005-06-16Reorder fields of cairo_private_t to match initialization order.Carl Worth7-5/+184
2005-06-15Add CAIRO_STATUS_DESTROYED to TODO list.Carl Worth4-2/+14
2005-06-15Remove --only-section-tmpl; it doesn't really work currently :-(.Owen Taylor20-3/+1831
2005-06-15Use a clip region when rendering a non-solid pattern through a rectangular pa...Owen Taylor2-9/+23
2005-06-15(cairo_test_for_target): And add missing parenthesis.Carl Worth2-1/+2
2005-06-15Track removal of cairo_status_string.Carl Worth2-1/+6
2005-06-15Add cairo_finish to TODO list. Note that cairo_satus_string has now been remo...Carl Worth2-1/+7
2005-06-15Remove cairo_status_string function which can now be replaced by:Carl Worth3-10/+14
2005-06-15Add _cairo_error so we have a single function which all errors can pass throu...Carl Worth2-280/+400
2005-06-15Remove cairo-atsui section since cairo-atsui.h is currently empty. Add cairo_...Carl Worth3-5/+12
2005-06-14Implement path clipping and refactor _cairo_gstate_clip() out in three differ...Kristian Høgsberg15-131/+583
2005-06-14Remove Boolean 'drawable' parameter from the create_similar surface backend f...Carl Worth11-21/+31
2005-06-14Correct extents for text with a general tranform.Tor Lillqvist2-1/+6
2005-06-14Remove comment suggesting ambiguity of whether cairo_get_target references th...Carl Worth2-2/+7
2005-06-13Add new _cairo_pattern_create_in_error.Carl Worth4-3/+44
2005-06-13No longer need to check for NULL after creating a pattern.Carl Worth7-75/+219
2005-06-13Originally 2005-05-08 Owen Taylor <>:Carl Worth2-2/+38
2005-06-13Originally 2005-06-02 Carl Worth <>:Carl Worth5-30/+156
2005-06-11Make these functions static, which allows slightly less awkward error handlin...Carl Worth3-19/+24
2005-06-11Provide font-backend-specific macros for FONT_FAMILY_DEFAULT. Change CAIRO_FT...Carl Worth2-3/+14
2005-06-10Pull the enum out from inside cairo_path_data_t and give it a name of cairo_p...Carl Worth2-6/+15
2005-06-10Add 'consistent error handling' to 1.0 roadmap. (This isn't new, we just forg...Carl Worth2-0/+7
2005-06-10Big cleanup to remove finished items. Also, split the file up to separate TOD...Carl Worth2-108/+83
2005-06-10Originally: 2005-06-09 Carl Worth <>Carl Worth4-15/+39
2005-06-10Remove STATUS_OK macro which was not being used universally.Carl Worth15-95/+127