AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_4_0SNAPSHOT_0_4_0Carl Worth256-13085/+21968
2006-02-13Remove pixman and revert tessellation bug from SNAPSHOT_0_3_0SNAPSHOT_0_3_0Carl Worth89-1644/+13213
2006-02-13Remove pixman and revert tessellation bug from SNAPSHOT_0_2_0SNAPSHOT_0_2_0Carl Worth99-4209/+12467
2006-02-13Remove pixman from LGPL_CHANGE_AFTERLGPL_CHANGE_AFTERCarl Worth44-862/+1128
2006-02-13Remove pixman from LGPL_CHANGE_BEFORELGPL_CHANGE_BEFORECarl Worth40-695/+5396
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_1_23SNAPSHOT_0_1_23Carl Worth22-650/+1056
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_1_22SNAPSHOT_0_1_22Carl Worth8-19/+43
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_1_21SNAPSHOT_0_1_21Carl Worth14-49/+985
2006-02-13Remove pixman from SNAPSHOT_0_1_20SNAPSHOT_0_1_20Carl Worth73-2243/+9706
2006-02-13Remove pixman since it shouldn't exist at this point of the history.SNAPSHOT_0_1_16Carl Worth39-14345/+0
2005-03-08Commit workaround to prevent make distcheck from making bogus complaints that...Carl Worth3-2/+12
2005-03-08Look for png images in ${srcdir}/filename as well, so that make distcheck can...Carl Worth7-2/+41
2005-03-08Increment CAIRO_VERSION to 0.4.0Carl Worth3-1/+129
2005-03-08Fix accidental commit of diff, rather than ref image.Carl Worth1-0/+0
2005-03-08Update coverage-ref.png due to seemingly harmless, though not entirely unders...Carl Worth1-0/+0
2005-03-08Shared function for checking unlink errrors. (cairo_test): Move all error mes...Carl Worth4-32/+78
2005-03-08Require libpixman >= 0.1.4.Carl Worth2-1/+5
2005-03-07Return CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS even if we don't implement masks yet, so we don't...Kristian Høgsberg3-2/+8
2005-03-07Disable the "new" intersection code so that the incorrect fill problems (test...Carl Worth3-4/+55
2005-03-07Increment version to 0.1.4-head post-snapshot.Carl Worth2-1/+3
2005-03-07Add notes on using -head suffix for PIXMAN_VERSION.SNAPSHOT_0_1_4Carl Worth2-11/+19
2005-03-07Make configure fail if no font backend is available. Point the user at freety...Carl Worth2-0/+15
2005-03-07Add notes for snapshot 0.1.4.Carl Worth3-1/+29
2005-03-06Comment and clean up the gradient computation. (_cairo_linear_pattern_classif...Owen Taylor8-38/+497
2005-03-06Fix gradient acceleration in glitz backendDavid Reveman3-54/+107
2005-03-04src/cairo_win32_font.c src/cairo_win32_surface.c: Update for recent backend i...Owen Taylor5-104/+71
2005-03-04Fix accidental reversal of condition in previous patch.Carl Worth3-2/+8
2005-03-04src/cairoint.h src/cairo_pattern.c src/cairo_glitz_surface.c: Add _cairo_patt...Owen Taylor9-23/+158
2005-03-04Intersect bounds of trapezoids with the bounds of the destination surface bef...Carl Worth2-3/+31
2005-03-04Add comment from xserver's mitrap.c.Carl Worth2-2/+10
2005-03-03Update xcb backendDavid Reveman4-292/+630
2005-03-03Fixed variable assignments in configure.inDavid Reveman2-2/+4
2005-03-03Add more mask surface acceleration to glitz backendDavid Reveman3-18/+188
2005-03-03Add overall alpha acceleration using mask surfaceDavid Reveman3-8/+91
2005-03-03Pass mask to composite operation as patternDavid Reveman21-267/+564
2005-03-03Removed surface backend functions set_matrix, set_filter and set_repeatDavid Reveman15-298/+83
2005-03-03Major update to glitz backendDavid Reveman4-923/+1278
2005-03-03Add pixman_add_trapezoidsDavid Reveman3-2/+30
2005-03-03Change to cairo_surface_t like structure of of cairo_pattern_tDavid Reveman15-1356/+1867
2005-03-03Port from render/mipict.c.Carl Worth4-1/+49
2005-03-03Add a few more things that might be helpful when moving more files over from ...Carl Worth2-4/+15
2005-03-03Move definitions of MIN and MAX macros from ictrap.c to icint.h.Carl Worth3-4/+10
2005-03-03Remove dead "if (!format)" code which also makes things more in synch with th...Carl Worth2-52/+38
2005-03-03Restore original copyright and license which must have been inadvertently cha...Carl Worth2-21/+24
2005-03-02Fix comment to clarify that libpixman regards the xserver repository as its c...Carl Worth2-8/+17
2005-03-02Convert file encodings from ISO-8859 to UTF-8.Carl Worth20-21/+30
2005-03-01Note that cairo_output_stream_t patch has been reviewed.Carl Worth2-1/+5
2005-03-01Fix uninitialized value for status, (reported by Manish Singh).Carl Worth3-4/+9
2005-02-27Fix this function again. Problem with signed/unsigned types reported by Jeff ...Kristian Høgsberg3-14/+26
2005-02-27Remove newline in comment which was confusing gtk-doc.Kristian Høgsberg4-1/+80