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2005-10-03Increment CAIRO_VERSION to 1.0.2 and libtool versioning to 4:3:2.RELEASE_1_0_21.0.2Carl Worth3-2/+91
Add notes for the 1.0.2 release.
2005-09-29simplify id initialisation of last patchBertram Felgenhauer2-6/+12
reviewed by: keithp
2005-09-29ChangeLog cosmetics.Bertram Felgenhauer1-1/+1
2005-09-29Using a pointer comparison as the fallback total order was wrong - these ↵Bertram Felgenhauer2-5/+18
pointers are not stable. So we introduce our own total order instead. reviewed by: cworth
2005-09-28Use _cairo_utf8_to_utf16 for character conversion.Tor Lillqvist2-18/+11
2005-09-28Bug #4612, reviewed by cworth.Tor Lillqvist2-4/+11
Add cast so that sign conversion doesn't alter comparison.
2005-09-27Bug #4602, reviewed by cworth.Tor Lillqvist2-2/+9
Avoid creating size-0 bitmap, which fails.
2005-09-27Note that bug #4409 (Dashes are missing initial caps) is now fixed.Carl Worth7-17/+235
Move face-flipping from inside _cairo_stroker_add_caps to new _cairo_stroker_add_leading_cap variant of _cairo_stoker_add_cap. Change to call _cairo_stroker_add_leading_cap or _cairo_stroker_add_trailing_cap as appropriate. Remove dash-caps-joins from the XFAIL list and add reference image.
2005-09-27file dash-caps-joins.c was added on branch BRANCH_1_0 on 2005-09-27 19:51:00 ↵Carl Worth0-0/+0
2005-09-27file dash-caps-joins-ref.png was added on branch BRANCH_1_0 on 2005-09-27 ↵Carl Worth0-0/+0
19:51:00 +0000
2005-09-27Add two test cases. One for caps and joins (passes), and one for dashed caps ↵Carl Worth3-0/+19
and joins, (fails, see bug #4409).
2005-09-27file caps-joins.c was added on branch BRANCH_1_0 on 2005-09-27 19:51:00 +0000Carl Worth0-0/+0
2005-09-27file caps-joins-ref.png was added on branch BRANCH_1_0 on 2005-09-27 ↵Carl Worth0-0/+0
19:51:00 +0000
2005-09-26Backported from HEAD:Carl Worth3-7/+30
Portability improvements for win32 thanks to Hans Breuer <>: Defined sized-integer types when under the influence of _MSC_VER and without stdint.h. Use #error which is more portable than #warning, (and more indicative of where we want to be before the next release).
2005-09-26Backported from HEAD:Carl Worth4-4/+20
Protect inclusion of fontconfig.h with HAVE_FCFINI. Remove stray cairo-ft.h include. Include stddef.h for NULL. Open the file rb.
2005-09-26If GetGlyphOutlineW() fails, set metrics to zero. (#3927, Hans Breuer) ↵Tor Lillqvist2-4/+12
(Don't print error message, as this might occur frequently with a misconfigured Pango 1.10.0.)
2005-09-26Set LOGFONT::lfHeight negative. A negative lfHeight means "em height" which ↵Tor Lillqvist2-2/+10
is what we want, and matches how other toolkits interpret font sizes on Win32. (Positive lfHeight means "cell height".) (#4593)
2005-09-20Pass scratch space instead of NULL for image_extra to ↵Tor Lillqvist2-2/+9
2005-09-19Avoid attempting to create a size-0 Pixmap, (to prevent the associated X ↵Carl Worth4-4/+14
error). This actually showed up when the clip region is empty. Thanks to Radek Doulík for the bug report. Remove clip-all from the XFAIL list since it works now.
2005-09-19Originally: 2005-09-19 Hans Breuer <>Carl Worth3-0/+57
src/cairoint.h : win32 specific definitions for CAIRO_MUTEX_DECLARE, CAIRO_MUTEX_LOCK etc. [not based on win32 mutex but critical sections] src/cairo-win32-surface.c : add DllMain() to do global, single-threaded 'mutex' (de)initialization. No ifdefs needed, some variables would simply not be used when the respective backend would not be compiled in.
2005-09-18Bug #4414, reviewed by otaylor, cworth.Billy Biggs2-3/+13
Remove -msse from the MMX CFLAGS as it causes gcc to emit SSE instructions, however the detection code only checks for processors supporting MMX and does not require SSE. Fix the MMX test to only check for MMX intrinsics and not the SSE intrinsics.
2005-09-18Bug #4414, reviewed by otaylor, cworth.Billy Biggs3-114/+132
Remove CPU detection code, only include xmmintrin.h if USE_SSE is defined. Move CPU detection code out of the MMX file and into the generic code to avoid compiling it with -mmmx and -msse. Using these options causes gcc to use MMX and SSE instructions in the CPU detection code which causes SIGILLs on older processors.
2005-09-16Tested by: John Ellson Closes bug #4408 ↵Carl Worth2-1/+86 Add support for dashed splines. (The antialiasing quality isn't perfect, but at least the curves are dashed now).
2005-09-16Bug #4260, Reviewed by B. BiggsOwen Taylor5-21/+40
Use & not && for bitwise AND. src/fbpict.c src/fbmmx.c: Take 'dest' as an argument, if pict and dest don't match for RGB, BGR, swap result.
2005-09-13Expand locking to include all modification of cairo_scaled_font and related ↵Carl Worth2-16/+21
2005-09-13Adjust parameters to stress things a bit more, (better exposing another ↵Carl Worth2-5/+10
locking bug).
2005-09-13Expand locking to encapsulate any modification to the reference count of a ↵Carl Worth2-37/+56
scaled font, rather than just modifcations of the scaled_font_map, since scaled fonts are shared between threads.
2005-09-13Add documentation for cairo_test functions.Carl Worth6-16/+195
Abstract log fie creation into cairo_test_init for use by tests that don't use cairo_test(). Add new test for bug #4299 as reported by Alexey Shabalin.
2005-09-13file pthread-show-text.c was added on branch BRANCH_1_0 on 2005-09-13 ↵Carl Worth0-0/+0
19:22:45 +0000
2005-09-12Fix for bug #4401 as reported by Tim Mooney:Carl Worth3-7/+13
Don't bother checking for sincos function. Don't use sincos function since it is apparently buggy on some platforms, (Tru64 at least).
2005-09-01Add includes to get sized-integers types such as uint32_t.Carl Worth11-9/+52
Fix declaration of image data array to be uint32_t rather than unsigned long. Fixes four out of the remaining five failures in bug #4245.
2005-08-31Add call to XSynchronize, (the expected clip-all failure isn't occuring ↵Carl Worth3-1/+12
without it for some reason). Note reason for expected failure.
2005-08-31Handle displays which don't match the local endianness by byteswapping on ↵Owen Taylor2-33/+145
GetImage/PutImage. (#4321, reported by Sjoerd Simons)
2005-08-31Increment CAIRO_VERSION to 1.1.1 after making branch tag BRANCH_1_0.Carl Worth2-1/+6
2005-08-31Add note to use ./ instead of ./configure when working with source ↵Carl Worth2-0/+9
from cvs.
2005-08-31Fix test to not try to set a non-invertible matrix. (We'd gotten away with ↵Carl Worth2-2/+8
this due to round-off error on many systems). Fixes one out of six failures in bug #4245.
2005-08-31Add Radek Doulík.Carl Worth6-0/+85
Add test exposing a BadValue (0-size pixmap) bug in cairo-xlib-surface when everything is clipped away (thanks to Radek Doulík <>).
2005-08-30Liberalize the ServerVendor check so that we can handle the Mandriva vendor ↵Owen Taylor2-1/+7
string. (#4298, Frederic Crozat)
2005-08-30Use a 8xN rather than a 1xN strip for a vertical gradient. This is much more ↵Owen Taylor2-2/+17
tolerant of slow compositing code, and is worth some extra expense computing the gradient. (#4263, found in test case from Richard Stellingwerff)
2005-08-28Use local labels rather than global labels in the assembly, to be robust if ↵Owen Taylor2-4/+10
the code is inlined in multiple places. (#4283, Reported by Marco Manfredini)
2005-08-27Some fixes for warnings from sparse (Part of bug #4208, Kjartan Maraas)Billy Biggs7-47/+62
Use NULL not 0.
2005-08-27Make the check for rectangular trapezoids simpler and more accurate. (#4220, ↵Owen Taylor2-11/+13
found using test case from Richard Stellingwerff) reviewed by: cworth
2005-08-27Make the vendor string check for XFree86 more liberal, to deal with older ↵Owen Taylor2-1/+8
versions of gentoo that modified it in a different way. (#4231, fix from Billy Biggs)
2005-08-27Undef MIN/MAX before defining them in case some system header happens to ↵Owen Taylor2-1/+10
define them. (#4196, Christian Biesinger)
2005-08-27Fix docs not to talk about %NULL returns. #4271, Duncan Coutts.Owen Taylor2-4/+20
2005-08-27Make the code work withOwen Taylor2-7/+24
-fomit-frame-pointer by making sure that %esp isn't modified at the point where we access output operands. (#4269, Patch from Ronald Wahl)
2005-08-25Include the documentation, too.Tor Lillqvist2-1/+5
2005-08-24Update formatting of the title and short description, as this actually ↵Billy Biggs26-100/+80
changes how the TOC appears in devhelp.
2005-08-24add docs-publish as a phony targetBertram Felgenhauer2-1/+5
2005-08-24Increment CAIRO_VERSION to 1.0.1 after tagging RELEASE_1_0_0.Carl Worth2-1/+6