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+Release 1.12.6 (2012-10-22 Chris Wilson <>)
+Thanks to everyone who download cairo-1.12.4 and gave us their feedback.
+It truly was invaluable and has helped us to fix many portability issues
+that crept in with some of the new features. This release aims to fix
+those stability issues and run on a wider range of systems.
+Bug fixes
+ Fix the recording surface to actually snapshot the source and so fix
+ PDF drawing.
+ Calling XSendEvent with an XShmCompletionEvent is incompatabile with
+ older Xorg servers.
+ Reorder CloseDisplay chain so that XShm is not reinstantiated after
+ shutdown, causing a potential crash if the Display was immediately
+ recreated using the same memory address.
+ Make sure that the Xserver has attached to the SHM segment before
+ deleting it from the global namespace on systems that do not support
+ deferred deletion.
+ Type1 subsetting support for PDF (and PS) was once again improved to
+ work with a larger number of PDF readers.
+ GLESv2 build fixes and improved support for embedded GPUs.
+ Tweak the invisible pen detection for applications that are currently
+ using too large values for geometric tolerance.
+ A build fix for older freetype libraries.
Release 1.12.4 (2012-10-05 Chris Wilson <>)
More bugs, and more importantly, more fixes. On the cairo-gl side, we