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+Release 0.9.2 (2005-08-13 Carl Worth <>)
+Release numbering
+ * You will notice that this release jumped from 0.9.0 to 0.9.2. We've
+ decided to use an odd micro version number (eg. 0.9.1) to indicate
+ in-progress development between releases. As soon as 0.9.2 is
+ tagged, the version will be incremented in CVS to 0.9.3 where it
+ will stay until just before 0.9.4 is built, uploaded, and tagged.
+ So, even-micro == a released version, odd-micro == something in-between.
+Libpixman dependency dropped
+ * As of this release, the dependency on an internal libpixman has
+ been dropped. Instead, the code from libpixman needed for cairo has
+ been incorporated into the cairo source tree. The motivation for
+ this change is that while cairo's API is stable and ready to be
+ maintained after the 1.0 release, libpixman's API is not, so we do
+ not want to expose it at this time.
+ Also, the incorporation of libpixman into cairo also renames all
+ previously-public libpixman symbols in order to avoid any conflict
+ with a future release of libpixman
+API additions
+ * Macros and functions have been added so that the version of cairo
+ can be queried at either compile-time or at run-time. The version
+ is made available as both a human-readable string and as a single
+ integer:
+ CAIRO_VERSION eg. 000902
+ const char*
+ cairo_version_string (void); /* eg. "0.9.2" */
+ int
+ cairo_version (void); /* eg. 000902 */
+ A macro is provided to convert a three-part component version into
+ the encoded single-integer form:
+ For example, the CAIRO_VERSION value of 000902 is obtained as
+ CAIRO_VERSION_ENCODE(0,9,2). The intent is to make version
+ comparisons easy, either at compile-time:
+ ...
+ #endif
+ Or at run-time:
+ if (cairo_version() >= CAIRO_VERSION_ENCODE(0,9,2)) { /* ... */ }
+Thread safety
+ * This release adds pthread-based locking (when available) to make
+ the caches used by cairo safe for threaded programs. Some may
+ remember a failed experiment with this locking between the 0.5.1
+ and 0.5.2 snapshots, (where even single-threaded programs that
+ linked with -lpthread would deadlock). We believe that that problem
+ has been fixed, so we are looking forward to testing and reports
+ from users with threaded applications.
+Bug fixes
+ * The XCB and Quartz backends failed to compiled in the 0.9.0 release
+ due to minor syntax errors. These have now been fixed.
+ * Various crashes in glitz and pixman due to size 0 glyphs have been
+ fixed.
Release 0.9.0 (2005-08-08 Carl Worth <>)
Soname change
@@ -17,7 +93,7 @@ Soname change
release series have distinct library versioning.
All future releases will use the library versioning to properly
- indicate comptaibility between releases. So, any application
+ indicate compatibility between releases. So, any application
re-compiled now to work with the 0.9.0 will not need to be
recompiled when a compatible 1.0 release of cairo is made in the
@@ -80,7 +156,7 @@ cairo-ft
Bug fixes
* Fix the unbounded operators to actually produce a correct result,
- (previously the results were artificially restricited to the
+ (previously the results were artificially restricted to the
bounding box of whatever shape was being drawn rather than
extending out infinitely). The fixed operators are:
@@ -103,7 +179,7 @@ Bug fixes
than NULL on error.
* cairo_set_font_face fixed to not crash if given a NULL font face,
- (which is the documented interface for restoring the defauly font
+ (which is the documented interface for restoring the default font
* Fix xlib glyphset caching to not try to free a NULL glyph.
@@ -235,7 +311,7 @@ API additions
- which allos the target drawable for an xlib cairo_surface_t to be
+ which allows the target drawable for an xlib cairo_surface_t to be
changed to another with the same format, screen, and display. This
is necessary in certain double-buffering techniques.
@@ -300,7 +376,7 @@ Bug fixes
* Fix glyph caches to not eject entries that might be immediately
needed, (fixing intermittent crashes when rendering text).
-* Fix all memory leaks found by running "make check-valigrind".
+* Fix all memory leaks found by running "make check-valgrind".
ATSUI backend changes
@@ -1242,7 +1318,7 @@ close_path). The cairo_current_path_flat function does not accept a
curve_to callback. Instead, all curved portions of the path will be
converted to line segments, (within the current tolerance value). This
can be handy for doing things like text-on-path without having to
-manually interpolate bezier splines.
+manually interpolate B├ęzier splines.
New XCB backend