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+Release 1.12.10 (2013-01-16 Chris Wilson <>)
+A heap of bug fixes everywhere, and the gradual completion of the MSAA
+backend for cairo-gl. Perhaps the most noteworthy set of the bugfixes
+was the crusage lead by Behdad Eshfabod to make font handling by
+pango/cairo/fontconfig fully threadsafe. This testing revealed a couple
+of races that needed fixing in Cairo's scaled-font and glyph cache.
+Bug fixes
+ Append coincident elements to the recording's surface bbtree so that
+ the list is not corrupted and the overlapping elements lost.
+ Fix cairo-trace to correctly record map-to-image/unmap-image and then
+ replay them.
+ Ignore MappingNotifies when running the XCB testsuite as they are sent
+ to all clients when the keyboard changes. The testsuite would detect
+ the unexpected event and complain.
+ Handle very large large images in the XCB backend.
+ Fix a memory leak in the xlib/shm layer, and prevent use of the SHM
+ surfaces after the display is closed.
+ Handle resizing of bitmap fonts, in preparation for a fix to
+ fontconfig to correctly pass on the user request for scaling.
+ Always include subroutine 4 (hint replacement idion) when subsetting
+ type 1 fonts in order to prevent a crash in cgpdftops on Mac OS/X
+ Fix a couple of typos in the cairo-gobject.h header files for
+ introspection.
+ Prevent a mutex deadlock when freeing a scaled-glyph containing a
+ recording-surface that itself references another scaled-glyph.
+ Make scaled-font cache actually thread-safe and prevent
+ use-after-frees.
+ Restore support for older versions of XRender. A couple of typos and a
+ few forgotten chunks prevented the xlib compositor from running
+ correctly with XRender < 0.10. Note that there are still a few
+ regressions remaining.
Release 1.12.8 (2012-11-24 Chris Wilson <>)
Another couple of weeks and a few more bugs have been found and fixed,