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+Release 1.12.2 (2012-04-29 Chris Wilson <>)
+After such a long gestation period for the release of Cairo 1.12, we
+inevitably accumulated a few bugs that were flushed out by broadening the
+test base. Thanks to everybody who tried the release, apologies to any one
+unfortunate enough to encounter a bug and many thanks for reporting it. As
+a result Adrian Johnson, Alexandros Frantzis, Andrea Canciani, Kalev
+Lember, Maarten Bosman, Marcus Meissner, Nis Martensen and Uli Schlachter
+have squashed many more bugs and improved the documentation. I would
+strongly recommend everyone to upgrade to cairo-1.12.2.
+Bug fixes
+ Allow applications to create 0x0 xlib surfaces, such as used by LibreOffice.
+ Trim composite extents for SOURCE/CLEAR operators to the mask.
+ Use fallback fonts in PDF for unhandled computed glyph widths
+ Handle snapshots of recording surfaces for analysing pattern extents.
+ Fixes a regression of reporting the PDF bounding box as being the page size.
+ Fix allocation size for PDF pattern ids.
+ Bugzilla:
+ Fix emission of rectilinear dashed segments, with and without scaling, and
+ application of degenerate line joins.
+ Clamp unbounded fixup polygons to the clip extents.
+ Prevent infinite loop due to rounding errors whilst incrementing along dashes.
+ Prevent overflow for inline a8 span filling.
+ Miscellaneous build fixes for Cygwin on Windows and Solaris.
Release 1.12.0 (2012-03-23 Chris Wilson <>)
It's taken over 18 months, but the wait is finally over. A new cairo release!
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