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+Release 1.16.0 (2018-10-19 Bryce Harrington <>)
+This new stable release incorporates a number of improvements made in
+the four years since 1.14.0.
+Of particular note is a wealth of work by Adrian Johnson to enhance PDF
+functionality, including restoring support for MacOSX 10.4, metadata,
+hyperlinks, and more.
+Much attention also went into fonts, including new colored emoji glyph
+support, variable fonts, and fixes for various font idiosyncrasies.
+Other noteworthy changes include GLESv3 support for the cairo_gl
+backend, tracking of SVG units in generated SVG documents, and cleanups
+for numerous test failures and related issues in the PDF and Postscript
+For a complete log of changes, please see
+Features and Enhancements
+* Add support for OpenGL ES 3.0 to the gl backend.
+* The PDF backend has gained support for a range of widely used
+ features, including thumbnails, page labels, metadata, document
+ outlines, structured text, hyperlinks, and tags. Tags permit adding
+ logical info such as headings, tables, figures, etc. that facilitates
+ indexing, accessibility, text reflow, searching, and extraction of the
+ tagged items to other software. For details on this new PDF
+ functionality, see:
+* Variable font support. Variable fonts are single font files with
+ various typography characteristics, such as weight or slant, that users
+ of the font can adjust between two points. Effectively this enables a
+ single font to behave as multiple fonts.
+* Restore MacOSX 10.4 support. Cairo had dropped 10.4 support when
+ moving to the CoreText API. Now we automatically detect which API to
+ use via dynamic linking, so can resume supporting this older version
+ of MacOSX.
+* Support colored emoji glyphs, stored as PNG images in OpenType fonts.
+* Skia backend is removed
+* Use Reusable streams for forms in Level 3 Postscript.
+* Add CAIRO_MIME_TYPE_EPS mime type for embedding EPS files.
+* Add CCITT_FAX mime type for PDF and PS surfaces
+* svg: add a new function to specify the SVG document unit
+ (Bug #90166)
+* Use UTF-8 filenames on Windows
+API Changes
+Several new APIs were added. No existing APIs were altered.
+New PDF functionality:
+ * cairo_pdf_surface_add_outline
+ * cairo_pdf_surface_set_metadata
+ * cairo_pdf_surface_set_page_label
+ * cairo_pdf_surface_set_thumbnail_size
+ * cairo_tag_begin
+ * cairo_tag_end
+New error status items for problems relating to PDF tagging:
+ New error status items for handling of GDI, libfreetype, and libpng
+ errors, respectively.
+Setting up Win32 surfaces for HDC with alpha channels:
+ * cairo_win32_surface_create_with_format
+ New API for added PDF functionality (see above), and new error
+ status item for problems relating to PDF tagging.
+Variable fonts:
+ * cairo_font_options_get_variations
+ * cairo_font_options_set_variations
+Tracking units in SVG documents:
+ * cairo_svg_surface_set_document_unit
+ * cairo_svg_surface_get_document_unit
+Dependency Changes
+Performance Optimizations
+Notable Bug Fixes
+* Fix thin lines that don't show up when printing in Inkscape due to
+ overly aggressive culling.
+ (Bug #77298)
+* Fix playback of recording surfaces into PDF surfaces, where objects
+ with negative coordinates were not getting drawn. To address this,
+ the coordinate systems for PDF and PS have been changed to match
+ cairo's coordinate system. This allows recording surfaces to be
+ emitted in cairo coordinates, and results in the same origin being
+ used for all operations when using the recording surface XObject.
+ Test cases for PDF and PS have also been updated accordingly.
+ (Bug #89232)
+* Fix "invalidfont" error on some printers when printing PDFs with
+ embedded fonts that have glyphs (such as spaces) with
+ num_contours == 0. (Bug #79897)
+* Fix missing glyphs such as thin dashes, which get scaled to 0 in
+ userspace and thus have their drawing operations culled. (Bug #94615)
+* Fix other oddities caused by variously idiosyncratic fonts.
+* Fix a data race in freed_pool discovered by Firefox's cairo usage.
+ The patch adads atomic int load and store functions, with relaxed
+ memory ordering. (Bug #90318)
+* Handle SOURCE and CLEAR operators when painting color glyphs.
+ (Bug #102661)
+* Fix falling back to system font with PDFs using certain embedded
+ fonts, due to truncated font names.
+ (Bug #103249)
+* Prevent curved strokes in small ctms from being culled from vector
+ surfaces
+ (Bug #103071)
+* Fix assertion hit with PDFs using Type 4 fonts rendered with user
+ fonts, due to error when destroying glyph page.
+ (Bug #103335)
+* Prevent invalid ptr access for > 4GB images.
+ (Bug #98165)
+* pdf: Fix internal links pointing to other pages, by pre-calculating
+ page heights so that link positions can be calculated more accurately.
+* Fix error reporting in the xcb backend if fallback fails. Instead of
+ returning NULL when the X11 server can't do some operation, return a
+ surface in an error state.
+* Clarify documentation regarding device scale inheritance and the units
+ used in cairo_surface_create_similar_image.
+ (Bug #99094)
+* Call XSync in the xlib backend before setting the error handler to
+ ignore errors for certain requests, to make sure all pending errors
+ are handled first.
+* Fix regression with text containing space character on Win32.
+ (Bug:
+For a more comprehensive listing of fixed bugs, see the release notes for the
+individual 1.15.x releases.
Release 1.15.14 (2018-09-19 Bryce Harrington <>)
We're nearly ready to finalize the 1.16.0 release, so this snapshot
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<index id="index-1.14" role="1.14">
<title>Index of new symbols in 1.14</title>
+ <index id="index-1.16" role="1.16">
+ <title>Index of new symbols in 1.16</title>
+ </index>
<xi:include href="language-bindings.xml"/>