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+Building Cairo on Windows
+There are two primary ways to build Cairo on Windows. You can use a
+UN*X-like setup, such as Cygwin, with the conventional configure
+script shipped with Cairo releases. In this configuration, you will
+build with GCC and end up with (for instance) a Cygwin-dependent
+library. In theory, this technique is no different than the ordinary
+build process for the Cairo library.
+The second way is to use a GNU-compatible make, but build using
+Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler to produce native libraries. This is
+the setup this README is written for.
+Tools required
+You will need GNU make, version 3.80 or later. Earlier versions or
+other modern make implementations may work, but are not guaranteed to.
+You will also need Microsoft Visual C++. Version 7 has been most
+heavily tested, but other versions are likely to work fine.
+Libraries required
+Cairo requires a compatible version of the pixman library. Full build
+instructions are beyond the scope of this document; however, using the
+same tools, it should be possible to build pixman simply by entering
+the pixman/src directory and typing:
+ make -f Makefile.win32 CFG=release
+Depending on your feature set, you may also need zlib and libpng.
+There are a few files that you will need to edit. First, you must
+determine which features will be built. Edit
+build/Makefile.win32.features and set the features as desired. Note
+that most features have external dependencies; specifically,
+CAIRO_HAS_PNG_FUNCTIONS requires libpng to be present, and
+To ensure that the compiler can find all dependencies, you may need to
+edit build/Makefile.win32.common. In particular, ensure that
+PIXMAN_CFLAGS contains a -I parameter pointing to the location of
+your pixman header files and that PIXMAN_LIBS points to the actual
+location of your pixman-1.lib file. You may also need to edit the
+various occurrences of CAIRO_LIBS to point to other libraries
+correctly. Note also that if you wish to link statically with zlib,
+you should replace zdll.lib with zlib.lib.
+Finally, from the top Cairo directory, type:
+ make -f Makefile.win32 CFG=release
+If this command succeeds, you will end up with src/release/cairo.dll.
+To successfully use Cairo from your own programs, you will probably
+want to move this file to some central location. You will also
+probably want to copy the Cairo header files. These should be placed
+in a cairo subdirectory (for instance, c:/code/common/include/cairo).
+The exact set to copy depends on your features and is reported to you
+at the end of the build.