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Building Cairo on Windows
There are two primary ways to build Cairo on Windows. You can use a
UN*X-like setup, such as Cygwin, with the conventional configure
script shipped with Cairo releases. In this configuration, you will
@@ -12,20 +11,16 @@ The second way is to use a GNU-compatible make, but build using
Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler to produce native libraries. This is
the setup this README is written for.
Tools required
You will need GNU make, version 3.80 or later. Earlier versions or
other modern make implementations may work, but are not guaranteed to.
You will also need Microsoft Visual C++. Version 7 has been most
heavily tested, but other versions are likely to work fine.
Libraries required
Cairo requires a compatible version of the pixman library. Full build
instructions are beyond the scope of this document; however, using the
same tools, it should be possible to build pixman simply by entering
@@ -33,13 +28,10 @@ the pixman/src directory and typing:
make -f Makefile.win32 CFG=release
Depending on your feature set, you may also need zlib and libpng.
There are a few files that you will need to edit. First, you must
determine which features will be built. Edit
build/Makefile.win32.features and set the features as desired. Note
@@ -60,7 +52,6 @@ Finally, from the top Cairo directory, type:
make -f Makefile.win32 CFG=release
If this command succeeds, you will end up with src/release/cairo.dll.
To successfully use Cairo from your own programs, you will probably
want to move this file to some central location. You will also
@@ -68,4 +59,3 @@ probably want to copy the Cairo header files. These should be placed
in a cairo subdirectory (for instance, c:/code/common/include/cairo).
The exact set to copy depends on your features and is reported to you
at the end of the build.