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NEWS: Add notes for 1.3.6 snapshot
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+Snapshot 1.3.6 (2006-12-06 Carl Worth <>)
+This is the third development snapshot in the 1.3 series. It comes two
+weeks after the 1.3.4 snapshot.
+We don't have fancy performance charts this week as the primary
+changes in this snapshot are bug fixes. The performance work continues
+and the next snapshot (planned for one week from today) should include
+several improvements. The bug fixes in this snapshot include:
+ * Fix undesirable rounding in glyph positioning (Dan Amelang)
+ This bug was noticed by several users, most commonly by seeing
+ improper text spacing or scrambled glyphs as drawn by nautilus. For
+ example:
+ Update to cairo-1.3.4 worsen font rendering
+ * Fix reduced range of valid input coordinates to tessellator
+ (M Joonas Pihlaja)
+ This bug was causing lots of assertion failures in mozilla as
+ mentioned here:
+ CAIRO_BO_GUARD_BITS and coordinate space?
+ * Fix several regressions in new tessellator (M Joonas Pihlaja)
+ Joonas just had a good eye for detail here. I don't think any
+ external cairo users had noticed any of these bugs yet.
+ * Fix compilation problems of cairo "wideint" code on some platforms
+ (Mathieu Lacage)
+ * Fix failed configure due to broken grep (Dan Amelang)
+ This bug was reported here:
+ AX_C_FLOAT_WORDS_BIGENDIAN doesn't work because grep doesn't
+ work with binary file
+ * Remove the pkg-config minimum version requirement (Behdad Esfahbod)
+ Some systems ship with pkg-config 0.15 and there was really no good
+ reason for cairo to insist on having version 0.19 before it would
+ build.
+There is also one new (but inert) feature in this snapshot. There's a
+new option that can be passed to cairo's configure script:
+ --disable-some-floating-point
+ Disable certain code paths that rely heavily on double precision
+ floating-point calculation. This option can improve
+ performance on systems without a double precision floating-point
+ unit, but might degrade performance on those that do.
+As of this snapshot, this option does not make any change to cairo,
+but it is possible that future versions of cairo will respect this
+option and change the implementation of various functions as
Snapshot 1.3.4 (2006-11-22 Carl Worth <>)
This is the second development snapshot in the 1.3 series. It comes