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NEWS: Add notes for 1.3.10 snapshot
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+Snapshot 1.3.10 (2006-12-23 Carl Worth <>)
+Santa Claus is coming just a little bit early this year, and he's
+bringing a shiny new cairo snapshot for all the good little boys and
+girls to play with.
+This is the fifth development snapshot in the 1.3 series. It comes 9
+days after the 1.3.8 snapshot, and still well within our goal of
+having a new snapshot every week, (though don't expect one next
+week---we'll all be too stuffed with sugar plums).
+Speaking of sugar plums, there's a sweet treat waiting in this cairo
+snapshot---greatly improved performance for stroking rectilinear
+shapes, like the ever common rectangle:
+image-rgb box-outline-stroke-100 0.18 -> 0.01: 25.58x speedup
+image-rgba box-outline-stroke-100 0.18 -> 0.01: 25.57x speedup
+xlib-rgb box-outline-stroke-100 0.49 -> 0.06: 8.67x speedup
+xlib-rgba box-outline-stroke-100 0.22 -> 0.04: 5.39x speedup
+In past releases of cairo, some people had noticed that using
+cairo_stroke to draw rectilinear shapes could be awfully slow. Many
+people had worked around this by using cairo_fill with a more complex
+path and gotten a 5-15x performance benefit from that.
+If you're one of those people, please rip that workaround out, as now
+the more natural use of cairo_stroke should be 1.2-2x faster than the
+unnatural use of cairo_fill.
+And if you hadn't ever implemented that workaround, then you just
+might get to see your stroked rectangles now get drawn 5-25x faster.
+Beyond that performance fix, there are a handful of bug fixes in this
+ * Fix for glyph cache race condition in glitz backend (Jinghua Luo)
+ * Many fixes for ATSUI text rendering (Brian Ewins)
+ * Un-break recent optimization-triggered regression in rendering text
+ with a translation in the font matrix (Behdad Esfahbod)
+ * Fix make check to work on OPD platforms (IA64 or PPC64)
+ (Frederic Crozat)
+ * Fix a couple of character spacing issues on Windows
+ (Jonathan Watt)
+Have fun with that, everybody, and we'll be back for more in the new
+year, (with a plan to add the last of our performance improvements in
+this round, fix a few bad, lingering bugs, and then finish off a nice,
+stable 1.4 release before the end of January).
Snapshot 1.3.8 (2006-12-14 Carl Worth <>)
This is the fourth development snapshot in the 1.3 series. It comes