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NEWS: Add notes for cairo 1.8.4
Just a few bug fixes here.
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+Release 1.8.4 (2008-11-14 Carl Worth <>)
+The cairo community is pleased to announce the 1.8.4 release of the
+cairo graphics library. This is the second update to cairo's stable
+1.8 series and contains a small number of bug fixes, (in particular a
+few fixes for build failures of cairo 1.8.2 on various systems). This
+is being released just over two weeks after cairo 1.8.2.
+We recommend that everyone using cairo upgrade to 1.8.4.
+Build fixes
+Fix build with older XRender that doesn't define RepeatNone:
+ Build of xlib backend fails against old XRender (RepeatNone undeclared)
+Fix build with bash version <= 3.0:
+ doltlibtool broken on linux with bash 3.00.0
+Bug fixes
+Avoid triggering a bug in server 6.9 resulting in a hung machine
+requiring a reboot:
+Fix display of user fonts as exercised by proposed support for type3
+fonts in poppler (unsigned promotion fixes):
+ Use cairo user-font for Type 3 fonts
+Avoid miscomputing size of fallback images required when rendering
+with CLEAR, IN, or SOURCE operator to vector surfaces, (PS, PDF, SVG,
+Be more tolerant of broken fonts when subsetting type1 fonts:
+ Error handling in cairo_type1_font_subset_get_glyph_names_and_widths
+Fix cairo_fill_extents, cairo_stroke_extents, cairo_path_extents, to
+correctly allow NULL parameters as documented.
+Fix potential crash on emitting a type3 glyph after having drawn text
+paths from the same font, (for example with cairo_text_path).
Release 1.8.2 (2008-10-29 Carl Worth <>)
The cairo community is pleased to announce the 1.8.2 release of the